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A senior lecturer at Azman Hashim International Business School.

nor zafir md salleh
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AHIBS Provides Inputs on Outcome Based Education (OBE) System Improvisation

On 10th of December 2020, a workshop on Outcome Base Education (OBE) was conducted at AHIBS Convention Hall targeting at improving the current OBE system and attended by program coordinators from Azman Hashim International Business School, Johor Bahru. The invited speaker is the developer of OBE system himself, Ir. Dr. Istas Fahrurrazi bin Nursyirwan from School of Mechanical, Faculty of Engineering. The aim of this workshop was to enhance academic teaching and learning delivery specifically on reporting of students’ performance every semester.

PKP: AHIBS Sediakan Pelan Data Internet & Bantuan Sara Hidup Ringankan Beban Pelajar

Pandemik Covid-19 telah merubah kehidupan normal rakyat Malaysia kepada normal yang baharu.  Ia memberikan pelbagai cabaran kepada survival ekonomi rakyat Malaysia di pelbagai peringkat masyarakat.  Rakyat Malaysia terutama golongan B40 adalah golongan yang terkesan sekali disebabkan mereka tidak dapat bekerja kesan Perintah Kawalan Pergerakan (PKP).   Kini, setelah 6 minggu menjalani PKP, majikan sudah tentu tidak dapat membayar gaji atau akan membuat pemotongan gaji kepada staf mereka disebabkan tidak dapat menjalankan perniagaan seperti biasa.  Keadaan ini amat memberi kesan dari segi kewangan masyarakat berstatus B40 merangkumi 60% pelajar UTM yang juga berstatus B40.

AHIBS Assist Students with Internet Data Plan and Subsistence Allowances

Covid-19 pandemic has transformed our normal life into a new normal. It presents various challenges to the economic survival of Malaysians at various levels such as SME and enterprises.  Malaysians, especially the B40 group, have been badly hit due to the fact that they may not be able to go to work because of the Movement Control Order (MCO).  After 6 weeks of MCO where only essential services were allowed to operate business, employers may not be able to pay salaries or will undertake salary cuts.  This situation has affected many B40 families and UTM students since 60% of them are from this class.

AHIBS Distributed Food Packs to Students Staying in UTM During MCO

The Covid-19 epidemic forced Malaysians to stay at home for two weeks at the beginning and another extended two weeks starting 17 March 2020. University students were given options to stay at hostel or go back to their homes. As restaurants and cafes were asked to close during this period, Malaysian government provides food for breakfast, lunch and dinner to help the students coping with the situation. AHIBS has taken a proactive action in giving a hand to help students staying in campus during MCO. On 26 March 2020 and 1 April 2020, AHIBS Covid 19 Welfare Taskforce including lecturers, administration and support staff and Management of Technology students distributed 140 packs of basic food to 100 undergraduate and 40 postgraduate students staying in campus.

Before the lockdown, Free Food Team of AHIBS gave RM150 to the needy students staying in UTM. The donations from AHIBS JB endowment fund were handed by Dr. Noriza Jamal, the Deputy Dean of Academic AHIBS JB on 16th March 2020. The financial aids could help students who are affected by the lockdown, due to loss of part time jobs when UTM go for full lockdown.

Pasukan Pandu Puteri Siswi UTM melakar kejayaan cemerlang dengan aktiviti komuniti

Persatuan Pandu Puteri Siswi UTM melakar kejayaan cemerlang dengan aktiviti komuniti di sepanjang tahun 2019. Aktiviti menarik di peringkat kebangsaan dan antarabangsa telahpun dijalankan oleh Persatuan Pandu Puteri Siswi UTM. Persatuan ini juga berjaya mencapai 2 anugerah iaitu anugerah Pasukan Sukarelawan Terbaik dan pingat Perak untuk program SULAM universiti di Hari Ko-Kurikulum.

Girl Guides UTM Successfully Heighten Awareness on Image Myth among Brownies

This program was carried out last week and focus on increasing awareness on image myth and beauty standard. Officiated by Chief Librarian, this program is a collaboration effort between Girl guide UTM, Library UTM, Girl Guide Association Malaysia District Johor Bahru and Pasir Gudang. 70 Brownies members join this program and 32 Girl Guide members were the facilitators.

UTM Students Promote Advocacy and Enhancing Skills to Influence Power People for Tunas Girl Guides at Besut, Trengganu

Members of Girl Guides UTM sharpened their leadership skills in facilitating the Action on Body Confidence Workshop, a program created by World Association of Girl Guide and Girl Scout and Dove Self-Esteem Project aiming to help increase girls self-confidence