July 16, 2024

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AlumniSpeak Spotlight : MOSTI’s Professional Science Alumna

Navigating the Professional Science Landscape

In 2023, Ms Uwarani Krishnan, a Science Officer from the Ministry of Science, Technology, and Innovation (MOSTI), was awarded the Pro-Chancellor Award during the (UTM) 67th Convocation of Universiti Teknologi Malaysia (UTM). This prestigious recognition is a testament to her hard work and achievements in the Master of Professional Science program, which was a collaborative effort between the Razak Faculty of Technology and Informatics (RFTI) and MOSTI.

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Recipient of Pro-Chancellor Award, Best Postgraduate Student Award & Best Master by Taught Course Degree Award

Uwarani embarked on her challenging academic journey with the support of a JPA Scholarship (Hadiah Latihan Persekutuan), diving into the collaborative program. This strategic initiative aimed to shape future leaders in science and technology, and she emerged as among the standout contributors to this transformative learning experience.

While navigating through her coursework, Uwarani actively participated in various conferences, including the prestigious IEEE Technology and Engineering Management Society Conference (TEMSCON-ASPAC) held in Bangkok, Thailand. Her participation showed her commitment to staying at the forefront of scientific advancements. Additionally, she made significant academic contributions by publishing two articles in the Open International Journal of Informatics (OIJI).

Uwarani’s dedication went beyond the classroom, as she enthusiastically engaged in faculty and university co-curricular events such as the Innovation and Entrepreneurship TIME Bootcamp and research webinars. Her participation in these events enhanced her research skills beyond the program’s focus.

IEEE Technology and Engineering Management Society Conference (TEMSCON-ASPAC) in Bangkok, Thailand – September 2023

A Well-Rounded Journey

In her own words, Uwarani expresses gratitude for the invaluable guidance she received from lecturers, supervisors, and the RFTI academic office throughout her journey. Their support played a pivotal role in her academic and professional growth.

My academic journey is like a potluck – everyone brought something special! Without the HLP scholarship from JPA, UTM would have been just a dream. Balancing motherhood, wifehood and being a dedicated MOSTI officer would have been insanely difficult without my wonderful family – especially my rock Sukanthan and my son Jeevan. To my incredible project supervisors, Ts. Dr. Noorlizawati Abd Rahim and Ts. Dr. Fatimah Salim, your guidance and support have been like a GPS for my Master’s project journey. A special thanks to the entire academic staff at RFTI, especially the MPS coordinator who turned my days and lectures into exciting learning adventures! And to my boss and friends at the Malaysian Science and Technology Center (MASTIC), MOSTI, thank you for motivating me and teaching me new statistical tricks. To my classmates, you have been my safe harbor in the academic storm and my accomplices in relieving stress. Without all of you, I would probably still be lost in the library. Thank you from the bottom of my heart!

Poster Competition during Razak Research Week- October 2023


Tips and Advice for Future Students

Uwarani reflects on her journey and offers valuable insights to students who aspire to follow in her footsteps.

“Looking back on my Master of Professional Science journey, I have learned that true success goes beyond academic excellence. For prospective students, especially those pursuing a part-time degree, mastering the magic trio of self-discipline, time management and social balance is the golden ticket. Self-discipline is like having a personal coach to spur you on to stay focused and motivated. Time management is your superhero cape, allowing you to jump in when deadlines loom and save the day! And social balance? That’s your well-deserved downtime where you can relax with loved ones and recharge your batteries. Oh, and don’t forget to squeeze in some Netflix and chill time – a little relaxation never hurt anyone! With these tricks up your sleeve, success will be knocking on your door in no time!”

 Uwarani at her workplace as science officer

Uwarani’s journey is a shining example of how academic excellence, active participation, and gratitude for mentorship can work together in perfect synergy. By highlighting her achievements, we hope to inspire current and future students to take advantage of the many opportunities available at UTM.

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