October 3, 2023

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UTM Innovating Solutions: TIME Bootcamp Empowers Professionals in the Public Sector


The recently concluded TIME- Technology & Innovation Management and Entrepreneurship Bootcamp, organized by Razak Faculty of Technology and Informatics, witnessed an overwhelming response as participants delved into the fascinating world of entrepreneurial professionals in the public sector. The webinar-like event held on 17 June 2023, aimed to ignite a fresh mindset towards innovation and entrepreneurship, with the first topic, “Valuable Assets: Entrepreneurial Professionals in Public Sectors,” leaving a lasting impact on attendees.

TIME Bootcamp Series 1 themed as Mindshift Empowerment

Dr. Noorlizawati Abd Rahim, the program organizer and lecturer for both the Creativity and Innovation Management course and the Entrepreneurship & New Venture Creation course, emphasized the significance of this topic in today’s rapidly evolving landscape.

“Entrepreneurial professionals in the public sector possess a unique ability to drive change and foster innovation within governmental institutions. Their entrepreneurial mindset and creative problem-solving skills are valuable assets that can transform the public sector,” she remarked.

The theme is specially designed for the Master of Professional Science Cohort who are JPA-sponsored students under the UTM-MOSTI collaboration, recognizing the importance of equipping future professionals with entrepreneurial skills and mindset to thrive in their careers.

The invited speaker, Dato’ Prof. Emeritus Ir. Ts. Dr. Zainai Mohamed, the founding Vice-Chancellor of Malaysian Entrepreneurial University- Universiti Malaysia Kelantan,  an esteemed authority in the field, shed light on the essence of entrepreneurial professionals in the public sector. Through captivating stories and real-world examples, he emphasized the need for individuals in this sector to embrace innovation, challenge the status quo, and identify opportunities for growth.

Participants were captivated by Dato’ Zainai’s insights, as they discovered the immense potential for innovation within the public sector. The talk highlighted the strategies employed by successful entrepreneurial professionals to overcome bureaucratic hurdles, drive positive change, and create impact within governmental organizations.

“Abdul Hadi, a student from the Master of Professional Science program and a professional chemist in the Department of Chemistry Malaysia, Ministry of Science, Technology and Innovation expressed his enthusiasm, saying,

“The session was an eye-opener of untapped potential for innovation within the public sector. It has inspired me to think differently about my own future and the positive influence I can have in shaping public organization”


Abdul Hadi (positioned in the top right of the picture), Tanaraji (middle) were among the students who actively participated in the Q&A session with the speaker

Tanaraji, a student from the Master in Engineering Business Management program and a professional from a leading telco company, shared his thoughts,

“This talk emphasized the importance of cultivating an entrepreneurial mindset, regardless of the sector we work in. It was inspiring to learn about successful entrepreneurial professionals who have transformed governmental institutions and made a tangible difference”

Dato Zainai commended the students’ engagement and added,

“The session provided valuable insights into the world of entrepreneurial professionals in the public sector. It showcased the transformative power of innovative thinking and how it can drive positive change within governmental organizations. I am thrilled to see our students embracing these concepts and applying them to their own career aspirations”

The success of the first topic, “Valuable Assets: Entrepreneurial Professionals in Public Sectors,” sets the stage for an exciting journey ahead. As Universiti Teknologi Malaysia remains committed to fostering innovation with its tagline ‘Innovating Solutions’,  the TIME Bootcamp serves as a catalyst for students to unleash their entrepreneurial potential and make a lasting impact in the public sector.

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