UTM Management Group Team Building Programme

The Management Team of UTM spent a day in Johor Bahru campus doing interesting and effective team building activities.
From early morning, the programme started with a healthy living programme, Senamrobik Perdana and later participants took part in various activities to inculcate positive team spirit, while engaging in creative, innovative and meaningful tasks that bring the spirit of togetherness among different management group members.

Through group discussions implemented through relevant tasks, the groups discussed issues related to financial sustainability of various units at the university.

Suggestions for income generation were also discussed, while measures to resolve issues and find solutions to various challenges facing the university were also put forward.

As part of injecting fun and interest among participants, all groups were asked to do performances like dikir barat and boria, focusing on key issues of the university while doing it in a creative, fun, casual and relaxed manner!

Well done UMG team! Your collective effort has resulted in positive outcomes!