Julai 18, 2024

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5 Feb 2017 – What is beautiful about Malaysia is the peace, understanding and harmony existing among multi-racial people of various beliefs, colour and creed. The beauty of life is not just connecting with those who are similar to us but engaging with those that are different from us, while discovering what unites and binds us together.

The UTM Islamic Centre together with Hidayah Centre organised an interfaith visit and sharing programme to share the different cultures, customs and faiths among the participants.

The Interfaith visit programme started at 9.00 am at Sacred Heart Cathedral, Johor Bahru (Christian) then to Arulmigu Sri Rajakaliamma, Johor Bahru (Hindu), then to Sahib Gurdwara (Sikh) and ends at the UTM Sultan Ismail Mosque at 6.10pm.

The programme participants were very delighted to visit and see the religious activities at the UTM Sultan Ismail Mosque as well as the Church and Temples.

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