Julai 25, 2024

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Vice Chancellor Attending the 11th APAIE Annual Conference in Melbourne, Australia

Commencing today, February 28, 2016 until March 3, 2016, the Hon. Vice-Chancellor will be attending the 11th APAIE Annual Conference held in Melbourne, Australia. This 4-day conference is one of the main forums in the Asia-Pacific region that brings together policy-makers and education experts from around the world to enhance professional skills and learn about new developments in international education. The UTM delegation comprised Prof. Dato ‘ Mohd Ismail Abd Aziz , UTM Deputy Vice-Chancellor ( Student Affairs and Alumni ) and Prof. Dr. Nordin Yahaya , Director of UTM International. UTM will also be bidding for the right to organize the APAIE conference in 2018. During the visit to Australia the Hon. Vice Chancellor will also be signing two Memorandum of Understanding documents involving Deakin University and the University of Tasmania, respectively.

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