Significance of GST and TPPA highlighted by Khairy Jamaluddin at Informal Chat Session with UTM Community

JOHOR BAHRU,  16 May – More information should be exposed about Goods and Services Tax (GST) and the Trans-Pacific Partnership Agreement (TPPA) to the ‘rakyat’ for better understanding.
This was the crux of the talk by the Minister of Youth and Sports, Yang Berhormat Khiary Jamaluddin during his recent visit to UTM.
“I was quite surprised to find out that the understanding of the GST and TPPA is still low, especially among university students.” He further pointed out that some of the ‘rakyat’ are against GST and TPPA due to ignorance. He is confident that if accurate information is disseminated, GST and TPPA will receive full support from Malaysians.
“To address the issue, I have put forward a proposal at the cabinet level to formulate a simple information system that is easily understood and accessed by everyone, “said Khairy. However, he acknowledged that  gaining full understanding of the new taxation system might not be an easy task.
He said this in a press conference session at UTM Johor Bahru campus after giving a talk  on GST and TPPA: Roles and Responsibilities of Young People in Economic Development in a UTM chat program.
The program was organized by the UTM Students Representative Council (MPMUTM) in collaboration with the Johor Sports and Recreational Community Club (SRCC).
Also present at the program was the Deputy Vice-Chancellor of Student Affairs and Alumni Prof. Dr. Mohd. Ismail Abdul Aziz, MPMUTM’s President, Mohd. Hazrai Mohd. Zahar and SRCC’s President, Hahasrin Hashim.

Khairy having some light moments with UTM student before leaving the Senate Hall
Khairy having some light moments with UTM student before leaving the Senate Hall