Oktober 3, 2023

8 UTM teams shortlisted for Innovate Malaysia 2013

Idiana Hamidi
Idiana Hamidi

8 UTM teams has been shortlisted to the prestigious Innovate Malaysia 2013 competition organised by Intel, Altera, NI, Siltera, Agilent and DreamCatcher. Have a look at their videos submission. Also, remember to like their video on the given Facebook link so they can have a chance to win Best Video Award. At the moment, one of UTM team is ranking at 4th place. Remmember to LIKE their videos.

Please follow the following instruction:
1. Please scroll down to the current ranking as table below.
2. Look for UTM and click the project title which will direct you to the Facebook page where the video is stored.
3. Click the ‘LIKE’ underneath the video on the FB page to be valid
(note: there are two ‘LIKE’ on the page, please do not click the wrong one. Only click the ‘LIKE’ under the video. If you do correctly, you should see the number of LIKEs increased)


RANK ID UNIVERSITY LIKES PROJECT’S NAME (Please click the link here and LIKE the video)
4 MY024 UTM 670 Compact Rehabilitation Robot
11 MY106 UTM 265 ECG Bio-Chip Design for Portable Health Care and Home Monitoring Applications Using Altera FPGA
14 MY148 UTM 200 Biomimetic Aquatic Surface Robot for Oil-Spill Cleanup
17 MY144 UTM 171 Car Make and Model Recognition Using Minimum Average Correlation Energy (MACE)
18 MY136 UTM 169 Smart Vending Machine based on Intel Atom Innovation Kit
19 MY180 UTM 165 Micro Bio-Object Analyzer Using an Electrode-Microfluidics System
20 MY115 UTM 156 Alert System for Sleep Apnea Patients
21 MY131 UTM 146 Implementation of LED Display Controller using System on Chip (SoC) Approach

* vote due on 3rd July

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