Submission Guidelines

How To Get Your News To Be Published

Important: Do not use all capital letters for the title

  1. Login (or signup)
  2. Click on Posts > Add New
  3. Type in the Title of the news on the top field
  4. Type or paste in the news and add a related image
  5. Tick the news categories
  6. Tick your department
  7. Click the Publish button (or update)

Your news will be checked and published within 3 working days. For further help, send an email to


How To Write an Excerpt?

1 thought on “Help”

  1. Hasrinah Hasbullah

    Dear admin

    I would like to request for new Category to be added “School of Chemical and Energy Engineering” on behalf of the School Chair. Since it is important for our record.

    Your assistance is appreciated.
    Thank you.

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