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UTM Engineering-Industry Innovation Day 2019 the biggest program ever organized

The Universiti Teknologi Malaysia (UTM) Engineering-Industry Innovation Day 2019 is the first-ever immersive program organized by the Faculty of Engineering of UTM, the largest engineering faculty in Malaysia.
The event was held at Dewan Sultan Iskandar, UTM Johor Bahru campus for two days has gathered more than 700 academicians from the engineering backgrounds, 150 UTM industrial partner and a number of government agencies engaged in various activities.

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UTMCS Successfully Organized AUN/SEED-Net Gala Symposium and Gala Dinner 2019

The Universiti Teknologi Malaysia Campus Sustainability Division (UTMCS) has successfully organized the Symposium and Gala Dinner for the ASEAN University Network /Southeast Asia Engineering Education Development Network (AUN/SEED- Net) UTM Alumni 2019.

This was the first program organized by the Sustainability Network under Campus Sustainability of UTM. The program was named as SEED.Net with the funding received from Japan International Cooperation Agency (JICA) and AUNSEED.Net Secretariat to establish a network of Alumni Program at the ASEAN platform. Five countries participated in the program which was held at Pulai Springs Resort, Johor Bahru. The participating countries were Malaysia, Laos, Vietnam, Indonesia and Thailand which concurrently establish the registration of about 30 members from various universities.
The outcome of the program is to strengthen the existing collaboration, further expecting future work in education, engineering and social sciences related to Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). The Director of UTM Campus Sustainability, Prof. Ir. Dr. Fadhil Md. Din said that the main objectives of his division in organizing this programme were to create a proper platform for Alumni of Aunseed to strengthen their networking and to build necessary databases at the ASEAN level.
“It was also to increase the number of the registered member of non-alumni at ASEAN institution for the 2nd stage.
As for the impacts to UTM, I am quite sure that we can benefit from research and connectivity of common issues in relation to public solution/stakeholders at the local country besides bringing more Alumni association for contribution of knowledge, matching funding and opportunities for inbound/outbound activities,” said Prof. Fadhil.

When talking about future planning, Dr Fadhil said that UTM will conduct a AUN/SEED-Net Alumni Registration with a synergy of different groups at the ASEAN association under the academic and research platforms. “Apart from that, we will also initiate the twinning programme of academic certification with the emphasis on different institutions at the ASEAN platform,” said Prof. Fadhil.

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Malaysian delegates contributing papers for Civil Aviation conference in Nepal

Seven Malaysian delegates including the Deputy Dean of Faculty of Engineering (FE), Universiti Teknologi Malaysia (UTM), Prof. Dr. Sevia M. Idrus has presented a paper at the 56th Conference of Directors General of Civil Aviation (DGCA), Asia-Pacific Region held in Nepal.

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AHIBS strives with Captains of Industries for the Future Business School via the Industry Advisory Panel (IAP)

The Azman Hashim International Business School (AHIBS) of UTM Kuala Lumpur has established the Industrial Advisory Panel (IAP) in order to continue to engage the industrial captains to uplift the business education in UTM.

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