JOHOR BAHRU – Six MSc. Construction Contract Management students went to the United Kingdom (UK) for twelve days from 29th March to 9th April 2019 as part of a study visit organised for the programme. The students were accompanied by Dr Nurshikin Mohamad Shukery, a staff member from the QS programme, who helped to organise the trip along with a former staff of Universiti Teknologi Malaysia (UTM), Assoc. Prof Sr Dr Maizon Hashim.

The eye-opening study tour aimed at exposing students to the UK construction industry, taking the industry contractual advancement as one of the prime examples for comparison with the Malaysian construction industry. The visit proved to be effective, in which they were exposed to recent cases and real examples that are unique to the UK environment by the hosts.

Participants of the study tour were also brought to meet prominent academics from UK’s two acclaimed institutions, Prof. Dr. Roger Flanagan, a Professor of Construction Management, School of Construction Management and Engineering, Engineering, University of Reading; Dr. Sohrab Donyavi and Dr. Bahram Ghiassee, from the University of East London. Participants were briefed on the UK construction industry issues and risk management and were also provided with an overview of the UK’s construction law and contract. The study tour ended with a quick visit to the RICS London’s office at the Parliament square.