JOHOR BAHRU, 24 Oct. – Universiti Teknologi Malaysia (UTM) with the collaboration from Majlis Bandaraya Johor Bahru (MBJB) and Iskandar Malaysia has organized the 4th International Conference on Low Carbon Asia (ICLCA).

The conference was held for three days at Holiday Villa Hotel, Johor Bahru and officiated by the Johor Executive Chairman of Local Government, Science and Technology, YB Tuan Tan Hong Pin representing Yang Amat Berhormat Menteri Besar Johor, YAB Datuk Haji Osman Haji Sapian.

YB Tan in his speech said that the Johor State government is committed in supporting the Low Carbon Society (LCA) not only for Johor Bahru but also iin the Johor State and the Asian region.

“This is because we firmly believe that concerted efforts among Asian countries in cutting greenhouse gas (GHS) emissions are forever more important and urgent especially in the light of the IPCC special report on ‘Global Warming of 1.5 Degrees Celcius’ which released on October 6th 2018 at IPCC 48th session which held on South Korea,” he said.

“With the recorded increase in global GHG emissions of 1.5 percent in 2017 and the finding that the world in more likely on a pathway towards a 3 degrees celcius increase in global temperatures by the year 2100, we can no longer delay efforts in cutting GHG emissions,” he said.

Also attending the opening ceremony were UTM Vice Chancellor, Prof. Ir. Datuk Dr. Wahid Omar and the mayor of Johor Bahru, Tn. Haji Amran A. Rahman.

Tan also stated that Asian countries especially Malaysia in particular must do their part in reducing this emission.

Before ending his speech, Tan also stressed that the State Government of Johor is committed and open to ideas, technologies, investments and developments that incorporate LCS.

This include the 12 key sectors was identified under the LCS Blueprint for Iskandar Malaysia 2025 which are Green Transportation, Green Industry, Low Carbon urban governance, Green Building and Construction, Green energy system and renewable energy.

Also included were Low Carbon lifestyle, Community engagement and consensus building, Developing walkable, Safe and livable city design, Smart Urban growth, Green and Blue infrastructure, Sustainable waste management and Creating clean air environment in the city.

The 4th International Conference of Low Carbon Asia and Beyond (ICLCA 2018) serves as a high‐impact platform including bringing together researchers and multi‐stakeholders from academia, government and industry in Asia to share their expertise, knowledge and experiences to catalyze the transformation of Low carbon society in Asia and beyond.

About 100 speakers from around the world which consists academics and policymakers are invited to share the latest trend regarding sustainable development in various key sectors such as urban planning, transportation, energy, waste management, land use and many more.

From left Tn. Hj. Amran A. Rahman, YB Tan Hong Pin and Prof. Wahid Omar at the launching ceremony of ICLCA 2018