Prof. Dr. Normah, Assoc. Prof. Dr. Haslinda and Assoc. Prof Dr Nazri from FKM ACER RG, UTM, together with Professor Idrus Al-Hamid and Assoc Prof Dr Nasruddin from Universitas Indonesia (UI) were in Japan Air Conditioning and Testing Laboratory (JATL), observing the setting up and test operations of a Daikin heat pump during the week of 6th-11th August 2018.
Except for Prof Haslinda, the participants of the visit were sponsored by Waseda University (WU).  JATL is the first  independent testing  certification laboratory for air conditioners in Japan (ISO/IEC 17025). Currently, JATL does performance tests for air conditioners/heat pumps devices, A/C manufacturer’s testing facilities audit, testing facilities maintenance, overseas training support and research activities.

The heat pump project is the one that Daikin has with Waseda University (WU) Tokyo where WU is now in the process of getting MoAs each between WU and UTM, and UI (also KMUTT Bangkok and University of Philippines) to deliver a heat pump for site tests.

Waseda has graduated many notable alumni, including seven Prime Ministers of Japan, numerous important figures of Japanese literature, including Haruki Murakami, and many CEOs, including Tadashi Yanai, the CEO of UNIQLO, Nobuyuki Idei, the former CEO of Sony, Takeo Fukui, the former President and CEO of Honda, Norio Sasaki, the former CEO of Toshiba, Lee Kun-hee, the Chairman of Samsung Group, Mikio Sasaki, the former Chairman of Mitsubishi, and Hiroshi Yamauchi and Shuntaro Furukawa, former and current Presidents of Nintendo respectively.

If the MoA is settled, a Daikin heat pump will be delivered to UTM by early 2019 and UTM researchers (particularly from Faculty of Engineering) will be able to study the performance among other parameters. At the end of the project, the Daikin heat pump will stay at UTM.

1st Day of workshop on set up and tests in JATL. Prof Dr Normah, Assoc. Prof Dr Nazri, Assoc Prof Dr Haslinda from UTM while UI is represented by Prof Idrus Al Hamid, Assoc Prof Nasruddin and Arnas (Ph.D student). Mark who is a PhD student of WU represents the Univ. of Philippines (UP). No representative from KMUTT Bangkok was present.

All the participants outside JATL