UNIVERSITI TEKNOLOGI MALAYSIA (UTM) ARDUSAT project team is exploring the use of ARDUSAT for STEM education at schools in Malaysia.  The first workshop was carried out at UTM for teachers and researchers, while this 2nd phase workshop was conducted at school where students were exposed to use the ARDUSAT kit for a selected module.

ADNI ISLAMIC SCHOOL was selected to be a pilot school for 2nd phase workshop.  For this workshop, the team from UTM and ATSB brought 7 ARDUSAT kits and 7 facilitators.   Grouping of 4 to 5 students per group (29 students’ altogether) from 3 classes of Form 2, namely 2 As-Suyuuti, 2 Al-Fateh and 2 An-Nasa’ie was involved in the workshop. Each of group was equipped with ARDUSAT kits and a computer with pre-installed software from ARDUSAT to perform the experiments related to science, sensors, satellite technology, electronics and computer knowledge.

Assessments were made to gauge the effectiveness of the workshop, and were  carried out through observation on the students’ ability to perform the experiments as well as the ability of the students to answer the throw-out questions on the relevant topics given. As an overall, the workshop was able to enhance the level of skills and knowledge among students toward the subject matter. The students were able to complete the experiments and relate the ARDUSAT technologies to their STEM subjects.