JOHOR BAHRU,5 October 2016 – The Perintis team from the Office of the Registrar Kuala Lumpur campus has emerged as the winner of Best Group category of Innovative Creative Circle (ICC) in the 2nd Universiti Teknologi Malaysia (UTM) Innovative, Efficient and Productive Convention (KIEP) organized by the Quality and Risk Management Centre of UTM (UTM QRim).
The group also won Best Facilitator Award with Farhana Ahmad, who is also from the Office of the Registrar UTMKL, announced as recipient of the award.
For Best Performance for Creative Innovative Circle (CIC) category was won by the Prime team of University Laboratory Management Unit, UTMKL while the Best Performance category of Business Process Transformation (BPT) was won by the RMC Shine of Deputy Vice-Chancellor (Research and Innovation).
For the 2016 competition style, the organizer contested only two main categories namely the ICC and BPT as this convention was to transform and add value in the existing Innovative and Creative Circle (ICC) programme by combining with the Convention UTM Business Process Transformation (BPT). The UTM Training Centre team was also announced as the third place winner of the BPT categories followed by the Dynamic Force team of Pejabat Harta Bina in second place, followed Property Office Ahead of the AMD with the Office of the deputy Vice Chancellor Academic and International declared the winner.
The winners received their prizes from the Deputy Vice-Chancellor (Development), Prof. Dr. Azlan Abdul Rahman. Also attending the ceremony was the Senior Director of Quality and Risk Management Center UTM, Prof. Dr.Yahaya Md.Sam