JOHOR BAHRU, 28 August 2016 – Status as a Research University (Research University) or the RU was found to be the main attraction factor of new students in furthering their studies in institutions of higher learning after graduation.
Between Public Institutions of Higher Learning (IPTA) which became a favourite of so many was Universiti Teknologi Malaysia (UTM) due to its status as a technical university as well as an RU.
New UTM student, Mohd. Azani Adenan, 19, admits that the reason of his application to UTM was because of the RU title shouldered by this university currently.
“I am confident that the certificates issued by the UTM are recognized at the world level. To obtain a certificate of recognition to high quality, the course syllabus must be recognized at home and abroad.
“I’m confident that I have choose right university as a destination to pursue my higher education, “said Mohd Azani who will pursue a Bachelor Degree in Electrical Engineering.
The RU status also become a main factor for another two new students to choose UTM. Sharvin a/l Mahendran, 19, who came from Seberang Perai, Penang stated that he heard a lot about UTM since his school days.
“I heard about the greatness of UTM since in high school and I’m sure to achieve my greatest dream to become a chemical engineer if I graduate from here,” said Sharvin.
For Julius Wong, his passion for civil engineering had encouraged him to work hard to further studies in UTM.
“I have heard that UTM civil engineering courses are the best in the region and believe to be ‘running on the right track’ to achieve my ambition of becoming a civil engineer,” he said.
This former student of Kluang High School was also not averse to continue his studies to a higher level if given the opportunity.
Mohd Azani, Sharvin and Julius Wong were among new students that will begin their academic session for 2016/2017 at UTM. These new students will have to go through four days of the orientation programme that begun on August 28th 2016.

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