UTM Career Fair 2015 Offers Rich Resource in Career Making Decisions

JOHOR BAHRU, 31 March 2015 – Universiti Teknologi Malaysia (UTM) Career Centre (UTMCC) has continued the legacy of organising the UTM career fair, putting graduates’ best interests at heart. It is in career fairs such as the UTM Career Carnival 2015 that graduating students are able to engage and make positive first impressions with their potential employers, while non-graduating students may also benefit by gaining information about internships.

Looking for employment and attending job interviews can be an exhausting and daunting experience, particularly for fresh graduates. Thus, career events like the UTM Career Carnival 2015 are excellent platforms in providing graduating students with the opportunity to talk to a number of potential employers at one time and place and to learn more about specific industries, careers, and organizations.

The 2-day career carnival was held at Dewan Sultan Iskandar (DSI) for two days with over 45 participating organisations. The Programme Director of UTM Career Carnival 2015, Muhammad Fadzli Rosly said that participating organisations included UM Land Berhad, Schlumberger (WTA) Malaysia Sdn. Bhd., Dialog Corporate Sdn. Bhd, Maybank and Holcim Malaysia Sdn. Bhd.

“For  2015, the theme chosen was “Love Your Career”  with the intent of motivating students to choose a career which they are passionate about. However, it takes time to identify one’s passion and master one’s craft. Securing that interview, and landing the first job, is just the beginning of a person’s career path. As such, graduates should keep an open mind by constantly learning on the job, network with professionals within and outside their career, enrich their knowledge through lifelong learning opportunities, and discover various opportunities available for career enhancement.

UTM also looked forward to hearing from industry representatives on their expectations towards new recruits and the challenges in the workplace faced by fresh graduates. Such information’s will be helpful in preparing students both physically and emotionally before establishing their career. The UTM Career Carnival 2015 indeed offers a rich resource for making important career decisions.

UTM Career carnival 2015 was officiated by theMinister in the Prime Minister Department, Dato’ Sri Abdul Wahid Omar.

Representatives from Golden Sponsors Companies taking a group photo with Dato’ Sri Abdul Wahid Omar and Vice Chancelor, Prof. Datuk Dr Wahid Omar.
Representatives from the Gold Sponsorship Companies taking a group photo with the  Vice Chancelor, Prof. Datuk Dr Wahid Omar.










The signing of MoU between UTM and IEM (left) and UM Land Berhad at the opening ceremony of UTM Career Carnival 2015.
The signing of MoU between UTM and IEM (left) and UM Land Berhad at the opening ceremony of UTM Career Carnival 2015.

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