JOHOR BAHRU, 11 January 2015 – Universiti Teknologi Malaysia (UTM) will be sending a Mobile Laboratory to Kelantan to analyze the water quality. This is a proactive action in view of the numerous outbreaks of E-Coli based diseases due to the flood.

Deputy Director of the Institute of Environmental Management and Water Resources (IPASA), Prof. Dr. Razman Mohd Salim said that the laboratory team will take water samples at several places in the state for analysis.

Water samples will be taken in certain areas, particularly in districts heavily affected by floods such as Gua Musang and Kuala Krai.

“We will test samples taken from wells and also places identified as the source of water used for daily needs by the local population, using the existing facilities in this laboratory.”

“If the content of the E-Coli bacterium is low, then the test results will be announced to the locals. But if it were to surpass the safety level, appropriate action will be taken including to extend the results to the Ministry of Health for further action,” he said.

The research team comprises two lecturers, one non-academic staff and two postgraduate students.

Prof. Razman (right) and one of his post-graduates students showing one of the water analysis tools available on board of UTM Mobile Laboratory.

Prof. Razman (right) and one of his postgraduates students showing one of the water analysis tools on board the UTM Mobile Laboratory.