JOHOR BAHRU, 13 November 2014 – Universiti Teknologi Malayisa (UTM) has prepared a five-year plan on sustainable environmental development planning for the State of Johor in preserving the environment.
UTM’s Vice-Chancellor, Prof. Datuk Ir Dr Wahid Omar said UTM will also establish an Endowed Chair on Sustainable Environment to sustain high-impact research that could benefit the people and support economic growth.
“UTM will continue to provide expertise to the State of Johor through various research that leads to significant change in upgrading the image and the overall life of the people in the state”.
“The research will be conducted on a large scale, and will focus on the issues of Johor’s sustainability and environmental management with the implementation of three major projects, namely the Environmental and Sustainable Development of Eco-Tourism in Endau Rompin, Johor River Basin Integrated Management and Sustainable Management of Municipal Waste,” he said.
Prof. Wahid made this statement in a press conference session held at UTM Johor Bahru. Also present were Deputy Vice Chancellor (Development), Prof. Dr. Azlan Abdul Rahman and UTM Environmental Head Researcher, Prof. Dr. Zulkifli Mohd Yusof.
Prof. Wahid said that the selection of these projects showed that the concept of true sustainability involves not only natural forest but are even more widespread than that.
“For example, ensuring continuous supply of clean water to society through an integrated river basin management, as well as environmental sanitation in cities through an integrated and sustainable waste management can also be labeled as preserving the sustainability concept.
“Each project will be led by a Professor (local or foreign) who is an expert in that particular field,” said Prof. Wahid.
UTM also welcomes industries and corporate involvement to contribute to the strengthening of the environmental sustainability research areas.

“Environmental research which has an impact will empower the environmental agenda. The pollution that occur in Johor can be improved in a sustainable manner through a more structured, systematic and effective system,” said Prof. Wahid.


From left: Prof. Azlan, Prof Wahid and Prof Zulkifli showing the UTM 5 year proposed plan for State of Johor Sustainability Programme.

From left: Prof. Azlan, Prof Wahid and Prof Zulkifli showing the UTM 5 year proposed plan for the State of Johor Sustainability Programme.