BANDAR TENGGARA, 3 May – The Center for General Course and Co-Curriculum (CGCC) Universiti Teknologi Malaysia (UTM) successfully organized the 7th Science and Mathematics Exploration (SciMEx) 2014 programme. The programme aims to boost secondary school students’ interest in Science and Mathematics subjects.
This programme attracted the participation of 172 students from three secondary schools, namely, SMK Bandar Tenggara, SMK Sri Pinang and Sekolah Agama Bandar Tenggara.
The participants were Form Three students who will be sitting for the Penilaian Menengah Rendah (PMR) examination at the end of this year, who will then be required to make a choice of either joining the Science stream or Arts stream when they enroll into Form Four.
The Programme Advisor, Dr. Johari Surif said that this programme was implemented due to the realization that a large number of students in secondary schools are not interested to enroll in the science stream.
“This is because many upper secondary schools students prefer to opt for the Arts stream which they perceive to be easier. This tendency would result in the government’s set target of 60 per cent Science stream and 40 per cent Literature students, to not be achieved“he said.
He also hoped that this three day programme would be able to boost students’ interest in mathematics and science through a variety of casual and fun approach.
“Several activities have been implemented to support this event such as Explorace, Quiz, Experiments, Top Young Inventor, Leisure, Appreciation Night, Spring Cleaning, Motivational Talks and Qiamullail .
“Every activity requires participants to stay active, contribute as team members, and think creatively. The activities also foster discipline, confidence and independence,” he said.
At the same time, SciMEx 2014 has also consolidated UTM’s engagement with the community and fostered the volunteerism spirit among UTM students, with 60 UTM students contributing either as facilitators or event secretariat, in ensuring the success of this programme.

One UTM students (black vest) facilitate participants doing the group activities at SciMEx 2014 at Bandar Tenggara

A UTM student facilitator (black vest) with participants, during a group activity at SciMEx 2014 in Bandar Tenggara