Nor Hidayati Mokhtar

CONGRATULATIONS! Assoc Prof. Dr Norhayati from MJIIT Selected as WINNER for L’Oreál-UNESCO For Women in Science Fellowship 2018

Dr. Norhayati’s research focuses on aerobic granular sludge, which are seeds made of special microorganisms. These microorganisms break down the organic compounds in wastewater into much simpler compounds, allowing the treated wastewater to be released safely into receiving water bodies. Aside from the positive ramifications on the environment, her method is a cost-effective treatment reducing operational and maintenance costs.

An Evening to Remember with The Father of the Nation – A UTM Story

“You never know how perfect something could turn out to be. Regardless of any field we are in, be sure it has an impact and can be applied to the society. Be practical, think practical. Most importantly, be prepared for your future, thus to have a ‘Vision’ is very important and plan the things you are going to do for your own niche. Let’s Strive for More!”- Dr Rozzeta binti Dolah, Senior Lecturer of UTM