April 17, 2024

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Yogyakarta Welcome FKE Delegates for Adventures of TinkerKit Lyceum

The current generation, especially school students, has been exposed to the use of the latest software and gadgets that are constantly being updated, including those that can be applied in the field of education. Therefore, this generation is more receptive to learning through technology. Accordingly, the Adventures of TinkerKit Lyceum – Yogyakarta Educational Trip 2023 is an effort to encourage students to become proficient in the field of programming and robotics, which is relevant for all participants, including teachers, lecturers, and students. Throughout this program, the sharing of knowledge in Electronics and Engineering related to Industrial Revolution 4.0 (IR4.0), to apply Internet of Things (IoT) learning skills among students through problem-solving activities using robotics and programming technology, was accomplished successfully.

Introduction speech by UII

Group photo at SMA Negeri 6 Yogyakarta, Indonesia

In this program, Electrical Engineering students of UTM were given the opportunity to facilitate high school and university students in robotics and programming through the Special Program: Academic Visit Abroad, as promoted by UTM International (UTMi). This program provides opportunities for UTM students to participate in any programs abroad for the year 2023. Nonetheless, this program is a Student Service Learning in STEM Education and application. A total of 13 delegates (11 students and 2 lecturers) from the Faculty of Electrical Engineering (FKE) were involved in this program, which was hosted by Universitas Islam Indonesia (UII). Through this initiative of the robotics and IoT training program, UTM received UII support to realize the program in Indonesia. The program took place at SMA Negeri 6 Yogyakarta and UII, involving more than 50 participants.



Training and testing session

The educational robotic kit used is TinkerKit, and programming is done using Tinkercode. The participants were taught to develop their own mobile application to control the robot wirelessly through the Blynk App and Tinkercode. Additionally, the participants were facilitated in using and controlling the robot sensors by using their own developed mobile application, allowing the robot to serve as a transporter.

Group photo at UII

Group photo with UII

Program poster

This program provides encouragement and opportunities for participants to work together in groups, improve skills to solve problems, interact with friends from different states and develop interest in the field of robotics. This program has been a success with the support and contribution from UTM, UII, Biomedical Instrumentation and Electronics Research Group, STEM-RBTK of FKE, and NDI Automation Sdn. Bhd.

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