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UTM Academic’s Experience at Karaganda Industrial University Strengthens Global Collaboration

Termitau, Kazakhstan, December 1, 2023 – In a stride towards international collaboration and academic enrichment, Associate Professor Dr. Mohamad Syazli from the Razak Faculty of Technology & Informatics recently concluded an Academic Attachment at Karaganda Industrial University (KarIU) in Kazakhstan. Sponsored by The Ministry of Science and Higher Education of The Republic of Kazakhstan, this program invites foreign professors to teach undergraduate and postgraduate students in Kazakhstan universities. Driven by the aim of strengthening academic and research partnerships, this initiative showcases UTM’s commitment to fostering global ties.

Week 1: Building Foundations

The journey commenced with a warm reception at Astana Airport, where Dr. Syazli was greeted by Mrs. Kassenova Aygerim. Initial meetings with Dr. Dr. Zhuniskaliev Talgat laid the foundation for collaborative activities. The week unfolded with visits to the Digital Engineering Laboratory, discussions with the Vice Rector for Research and International Relations, Professor Dr. Bolat Makhmutov, and an insightful interview with a Ministry of Science representative. Comprehensive campus tours provided a firsthand look at KarIU’s facilities.

The week also commenced with a warm welcome from KarIU Rector, Professor Dr Abdrasilov Bolatbek, who graciously received Universiti Teknologi Malaysia (UTM) staff at his office. The meeting served as the inaugural event, setting a positive tone for collaborative activities. Discussions during this encounter laid the groundwork for a fruitful exchange of ideas and insights between the two institutions. This personal welcome from Professor Abdrasilov Bolatbek exemplified the commitment to fostering a strong and harmonious academic partnership between UTM and Karaganda Industrial University.

In addition to the official welcome, UTM staff had the opportunity to delve into the rich history of KarIU by visiting the university’s museum. The museum showcased the institution’s evolution, highlighting key milestones, students and staff achievements, and their significant contributions to academia and society. This visit not only provided a historical perspective but also deepened the understanding of KarIU’s culture and values. It served as an inspirational backdrop for the collaborative endeavors that lay ahead, reinforcing the shared commitment to academic excellence and mutual growth.

Week 2: In-Depth Collaboration, Academic Advancements, and Celebrations

During the second week, Dr. Syazli engaged in profound discussions with KarIU academic staff and students, skillfully led by Miss Sakenova Zhazira Kanatkyzy. The focus of these discussions centered on research publications and attachment plans, fostering a collaborative environment that aimed at elevating academic standards.

A noteworthy event of the week was Dr. Syazli’s insightful lecture on “Current Trends in Project Management,” providing a comprehensive overview of the latest developments in project management methodologies. Simultaneously, active participation in curriculum reviews took place, with a specific emphasis on refining the Bachelor of Industrial and Civil Engineering programs. Dr. Syazli’s involvement played a pivotal role in significantly enhancing these academic programs, ensuring they not only meet but exceed international standards.

In a moment of celebration, during the second week, Karaganda Industrial University (KarIU) received the inaugural inclusion in the QS Ranking for 2024. Dr. Syazli was honored with the opportunity to give congratulatory remarks, acknowledging KarIU’s achievement and recognizing the university’s commitment to academic excellence on the global stage.

The second week’s activities not only deepened the collaborative spirit but also contributed tangibly to the ongoing improvement and alignment of academic offerings at Karaganda Industrial University with global benchmarks, while also celebrating the institution’s milestone in the QS Ranking.

Week 3: Strengthening Ties and Practical Learning

The third week marked a significant stride in fortifying collaboration through insightful seminars tailored for KarIU academic staff. Dr. Syazli, drawing on his expertise, illuminated the landscape of “Understanding Journal Types and Audiences,” fostering a culture of vibrant academic exchange and knowledge dissemination.

Adding a dynamic layer to the week, the Project Management class featured compelling case studies. These real-world scenarios provided students with practical insights, bridging the gap between theory and application. The engaging discussions allowed participants to apply theoretical knowledge to authentic situations, enhancing their problem-solving skills and critical thinking.

Furthermore, the week continued to unfold with targeted lectures on “Introduction to Stakeholders Management” for undergraduate students. Dr. Syazli’s lectures not only enriched their understanding of the subject but also laid the foundation for a holistic comprehension of stakeholder dynamics in the realm of project management.

In essence, Week 3 not only deepened the collaborative spirit among academic peers but also provided a hands-on and practical dimension to the learning experience, aligning with the broader goal of fostering well-rounded education and skill development at Karaganda Industrial University.

Week 4: Culmination and Knowledge Transfer

In the concluding week, Dr. Syazli’s Project Management class reached its apex with a compelling group presentation and thorough assessment. This dynamic session not only underscored the theoretical understanding but also showcased the practical application of the knowledge disseminated throughout the attachment.

Simultaneously, the week witnessed substantial progress in collaborative initiatives. Dr. Syazli, in collaboration with Professor Abdrasilov Bolatbek, achieved a significant milestone by concluding the early draft of the Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) between UTM and KarIU. This foundational document signifies the commitment to a formalized partnership, establishing the framework for future collaborations.

In addition to these accomplishments, Dr. Syazli actively engaged with the Faculty of Energy, Transport, and System Management, which oversees the Bachelor of Artificial Intelligence program. These meetings were instrumental in exploring avenues for academic collaboration and assessing the potential for a double-degree program between KarIU and UTM. The discussions provided an overview and initiated early-stage conversations that hold promise for future joint academic endeavors.

The attachment concluded on a high note, encapsulating both academic achievements and the groundwork for sustained collaboration between UTM and Karaganda Industrial University.

Impact and Future Prospects

Dr. Syazli’s Academic Attachment at Karaganda Industrial University exemplifies UTM’s commitment to global engagement. The exchange of knowledge and experiences is expected to have a lasting impact on both institutions, contributing to the global standing of UTM and fostering academic excellence.

For more information, please contact: Assoc. Prof. Dr. Mohamad Syazli at


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