April 17, 2024

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Young Mathematicians Thrive: UTM Students Win Silver Medals at International Youth Math Competition

Two UTM students from the Department of Mathematical Sciences, Faculty of Science, Universiti Teknologi Malaysia, Ang Chin Xiang and Goh Hung Lik, achieved remarkable success by winning Silver Medals at the prestigious International Youth Math Competition (IYMC). IYMC is an online competition that challenges participants with a series of intricate mathematical problems. This event is known for its challenging problems and rigorous competition, providing participants with an unparalleled opportunity to not only prove their mathematical mettle but also earn recognition on a global scale.

This year, IYMC was held from September 17 to October 14, 2023. The competition involved a qualification round, after which successful students proceeded to the pre-final round. Only selected students advanced to the final stage—an online exam supervised by teachers.

Ang Chin Xiang and Goh Hung Lik, presently in their fourth year of the Bachelor of Science (Mathematics) with Honours program, demonstrated outstanding performance amid strong competition from students across various countries. Navigating the challenges of the competition, they not only earned spots among the finalists but also secured Silver Medals each.

Notably, Goh Hung Lik ranked in the top 15% among approximately 5300 participants and the top 50% among around 1400 finalists, while Ang Chin Xiang achieved a top 10% standing among all participants and a top 35% position among finalists. The students were under the mentorship of Dr. Ahmad Fadillah Embong and Dr. Mohammad Izat Emir Zulkifly.

The success of Ang Chin Xiang and Goh Hung Lik can be attributed to a combination of factors, including their strong analytical skills, dedication to problem-solving, and the guidance of their mentors. The students approached each problem strategically by leveraging their deep understanding of mathematical concepts to derive solutions. The recognition gained from IYMC not only highlights their individual talents but also reflects positively on the academic excellence fostered within the Bachelor of Science (Mathematics) program at the Faculty of Science.

Special gratitude is extended to the Department of Mathematical Sciences, Faculty of Science, for generously covering the participation fee for both Ang Chin Xiang and Goh Hung Lik.

The accomplishments of Ang Chin Xiang and Goh Hung Lik serve as inspiration for other students, encouraging them to participate in international competitions that challenge and elevate their skills.

Their success not only highlights their exceptional abilities but also brings pride to the Faculty of Science at UTM.


Prepared by: Dr Ahmad Fadillah Embong, Dr Mohammad Izat Emir Zulkifly, Dr. Norhaiza Ahmad and Ang Chin Xiang 


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