April 16, 2024

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Innovative Training Course on Lv-Sem: Collaborative MJIIT & ITC

Three academicians from the Institute of Technology Cambodia (ITC) have recently completed a 3-day training session on the Low Vacuum Scanning Electron Microscope (Lv-Sem). The training program, which focused on sample preparation, imaging, and elemental analysis, was successfully conducted at the Microscopy Laboratory of MJIIT, UTM, from November 27 to November 29, 2023.

Sample setting and LV-SEM session led by Dr Farah Liana
LV-SEM imaging demonstration done by Microscopy Lab technical staff


This program is a continuation of the collaboration between MJIIT and ITC, following the successful training in Advanced Manufacturing Technology – Precision Machining at Advance Precision Laboratory last September.

Lab Briefing and Theory session led by Dr Siti Rahmah

The ITC participants, led by Dr. Eng Chandoeun, Dean of the Faculty of Geo-Resources and Geotechnical Engineering, include Ms. Chea Monyneath and Ms. Sreng Laymey, both lecturers in Material Science Engineering. The trainers, led by Dr. Siti Rahmah, Head of the Microscopy Lab, and including Dr. Farah Liana, Dr. Eleen Dayana, and technical staff members Mr. Zaim, Mr. Mohammad Taufik, and Ms. Jufa Zyha, have created a training module that covers theories, sample preparation, basic imaging operations, and elemental analysis EDS using the low-vacuum electron microscope JSM-IT300.

Microscopy Lab’s sample preparation led by Dr Eleen Dayana
ITC sample preparation done by participants guided by Microscopy Lab technical staff

On the fourth day of their visit, the members of ITC and MJIIT arranged a tour to ChECA iKohza and the Analytical Laboratory. The objective of this tour was to establish continuous communication between them and to gain exposure to research and service laboratory facilities, research activities, and equipment available in these laboratories. Additionally, they discussed potential collaborations in their field of interest. The participants found this opportunity valuable as they gained insights and experiences from the experts at MJIIT.

A tour of ChECA iKohza was warmly welcomed by Dr Roshafima and Dr Eleen Dayana


A brief explanation of available equipment and research conducted at ChECA iKohza

The participants expressed enthusiasm about applying their newly acquired knowledge and skills to their respective research fields. A new network for future collaboration was also created during the program.

Tour the Analytical Laboratory to gain insight into the service laboratory function and available equipment for analysis.

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