April 20, 2024

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Faculty of Science In The Spotlight: Newshub Submission Workshop

By: Norhaiza Ahmad, Siti Pauliena Mohd Bohari

The Faculty of Science is an exciting and dynamic department that organizes over 100 events every semester. However, promoting these events through popular writing articles has been limited, preventing them from reaching a wider audience. To bridge this gap and encourage staff to contribute to the university news portal, a recent workshop was conducted to guide participants on crafting and submitting engaging articles to the UTM Newshub portal.

Workshop attendees with Faculty of Science Assistant Dean, ChM. Dr. Firdaus Abdul Wahab (middle)


The Faculty of Science Spotlight: UTM Newshub Submission Workshop was held at Mathematics Computer Lab 1 on November 29, 2023, organized by the Faculty of Science corporate unit under the purview of ChM: Dr. Firdaus Abdul Wahab, the Assistant Dean for External and Global Engagement.


The main goal of the workshop was to equip the participants with the necessary skills to create and submit articles to the UTM Newshub, thereby increasing the visibility of the Faculty of Science at the university level. The workshop was conducted by Associate Professor Dr. Norhaiza Ahmad (Department of Mathematical Sciences) and Dr. Siti Pauliena Mohd Bohari (Department of Biosciences). The facilitators provided practical tips to aid in the article submission process, including using AI tools to initiate the writing of articles and navigate the submission process. This ensured the information was disseminated effectively and seamlessly to a broader audience.


The event aimed to strengthen internal communication within the Faculty of Science and document noteworthy activities at the university level. The approach was multifaceted, and participants were chosen based on their involvement and achievements within and outside the faculty. The participants represented the four departments at the Faculty of Science: Mathematical Sciences, Chemistry, Physics, and Biosciences.

The workshop concluded with the expected submission of around ten articles to UTM Newshub immediately after the workshop, and more submissions are expected later. This success of the Faculty of Science Spotlight: UTM Newshub Submission Workshop highlights the faculty’s commitment to sharing accomplishments through accessible and engaging writing. The workshop is anticipated to be carried out periodically, ensuring a sustained effort to showcase the faculty’s activities and connect with a broader audience.



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