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Universitas Brawijaya’s Faculty of Administrative Sciences Momentous Visit to UTM’s Faculty of Management

October 24th, 2023 – The Faculty of Management received a prestigious delegation from Universitas Brawijaya in Indonesia, marking a significant step in international academic and research cooperation. The venue, the Faculty of Management’s Congress Hall, became a focal point to celebrate the growing synergies in global education.

The Dean of the Faculty of Management, Assoc. Prof. Dr. Ahmad Jusoh and the FM Internationalisation Team warmly welcome the special guests. Leading the delegation from Universitas Brawijaya was Dr Nur Imamah, the distinguished Head of the Department of Business Administration at the Faculty of Administration (FIA). She was accompanied by renowned academics Prof Dr Kadarisman Hidayat, who heads the Taxation programme, and Dr Edy Yulianto, who is in charge of the Tourism programme. The delegation also included 12 other scholars and three family members who supported them.

Dr Nur Imamah presented a gift from the University of Brawijaya to Dr Ahmad Jusoh during the gift exchange ceremony.


AP Ts Dr Ramesh Zaidi Rozan moderated the discussion session.


A key focus of the visit was the opportunity for the academic staff of Universitas Brawijaya to participate in the doctoral programmes of Universiti Teknologi Malaysia, particularly the doctoral programmes of the Faculty of Management, i.e. the Doctor of Information Systems and the Doctor of Business Administration. Several stimulating discussions marked the day, highlighting the important role of academic exchanges in improving the quality of education and research. Dr Ramesh Zaidi moderated the panel, and Dr Ahmad Jusoh played the lead role in providing insights and answers. Several FM staff assisted him in this endeavour.

The interactions between the delegates and the faculty led to discussions on academic methods and laid the groundwork for future joint projects and partnerships. The visit culminated in a joint statement reaffirming the commitment of both institutions to promoting global education and strengthening Indonesia-host country relations. The day’s activities culminated in a comprehensive tour of the Faculty of Management, showcasing key teaching and research facilities, as well as spaces for discussion and collaborative work. This visit provided a detailed insight into the resources and environment that support the academic and research efforts of the Faculty. A forthcoming Memorandum of Agreement symbolises a new chapter of student and faculty exchange, joint research efforts and pedagogical collaboration between the two universities.

A special highlight was a presentation by Dr Ahmad Jusoh, who focused on UTM’s digital ecosystem, particularly talent management through the employee performance system, or Penilaian Prestasi Staf Akademik (eLPPT) and the Research and Development Information System (RADIS). The delegation greatly admired UTM’s digital ecosystem and hinted at exciting prospects for future collaboration.


This historic visit by Universitas Brawijaya to UTM’s Faculty of Management highlights the essential role of international academic partnerships in enhancing educational pathways and promoting global understanding.

Prepared by: Assoc. Prof. Ts. Dr. Ramesh K S @ Mohd Zaidi Abd Rozan (Person in Contact for FM, UTM & FIA, Brawijaya University Collaboration)

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