Disember 7, 2023

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UTM-FC Delegation Joins DOrSU Summer School, Forges Global Connections

From August 25th to August 30th, a delegation from the Faculty of Computing at Universiti Teknologi Malaysia participated in the Davao Oriental State University (DOrSU) Summer School 2023, a comprehensive educational event. The program included diverse activities that aimed to enhance global connections and encourage cross-cultural understanding.

A delegation from UTM FC comprising one lecturer (Dr. Suhaila Mohamad Yusuf) and six students (Muhammad Khairul Azhar, Muhammad Harith Hakim, Megat Irfan Zackry, Haviineesh, Marnisha, and Sayang Elyiana Amiera) undertook a comprehensive itinerary aimed at providing a holistic educational experience.

1. Welcome Program: Participants were warmly greeted, setting the tone for a week of collaboration and shared learning.

UTM Delegation welcomed by the President of DOrSU and staff

2. Meet & Greet with Student Society and Staff: Interactions with local student societies and staff members provided valuable insights into the host institution’s culture and operations.

With all the DOrSU staff

3. Campus Tour: Exploring the host institution’s campus allowed participants to appreciate its infrastructure and facilities.

4. Community Engagement: Participants were able to engage in community development activities, building relationships and making a positive impact. This engagement took place in two distinct communities – the Bangsamoro Society, which focused on noodle-making, and the Happy Fish Kids, a group of children from a fishing village.

CSR with Bangsamoro Society at Madrasah Ad-dirasat Al-Islamiyah
CSR with The Happy Fish Kids

5. Island Hopping: The pristine islands in Pujada Bay served as a stunning backdrop for environmental awareness and appreciation.

6. City Tour: Participants delved into the local culture, history, and heritage through an enlightening city tour of Mati City.

City of Mati, Davao Oriental

7. Public Lecture: Dr. Suhaila Mohamad Yusuf, a UTM delegate, delivered a public lecture titled The Synergy of Artificial Intelligence and Data Science, sharing valuable insights and knowledge.

Public lecture by Dr. Suhaila

8. Hands-On Lab Sessions: Students engaged in practical learning sessions, honing their skills and gaining real-world experience.

Experiencing Power BI Software

9. Cultural Night: A celebration of diversity and cultural exchange brought participants together in a spirit of unity. Both partners – DOrSU and UTM, performed their cultural exchange.

Cultural Night, where both partners exchanged their cultures.

10. Courtesy Visit to the Mayor’s Office and CHED Region XI’s Office: A visit to key government offices deepened participants’ understanding of local governance and education policy.

Courtesy visit to the Mayor of Mati City’s Office


UTM-FC extends heartfelt gratitude to Davao Oriental State University, the host institution, and the event organizers for their tireless efforts in creating an exceptional learning environment. Such collaborations are instrumental in promoting global education.


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