Julai 18, 2024

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Sakura Science Program 2023 at Akita University

KUALA LUMPUR, March 11 – The Malaysia Japan International Institute of Japan (MJIIT) has celebrated the successful participation of nine students, hailing from various engineering disciplinesā€”Mechanical Precision Engineering (4 students), Electronic System Engineering (2 students), and Chemical Process Engineering (3 students). These students, accompanied by their dedicated lecturer, Dr. Husni Hani Jameela Binti Sapingi, embarked on a transformative journey as they took part in the Sakura Science Program 2023, hosted by Akita University from March 5 to March 10, 2023.

The Sakura Science Program 2023, held at Akita University, represented an enriching opportunity for participants to delve into Japan’s vibrant culture, lifestyle, and immerse themselves in the world of science and technology. The exchange students were privileged to attend seminars and engaging discussions centering on the electrification of aircraft, which encompassed the intricate challenges and modifications facing these cutting-edge machines. Their academic odyssey also included enlightening visits to the laboratories of Akita University and an insightful field study at Aster Corporation Limited, renowned for manufacturing motors, coils, automotive, and industrial equipment parts.

In addition to their scientific pursuits, the participants were equally captivated by Japan’s rich cultural heritage. They took part in the traditional Japanese tea ceremony, “Way of Tea,” which entailed crafting, preparing, and presenting matcha, guided by experienced instructors and local staff.

Upon arrival, the exchange participants were greeted with warmth and hospitality by their Akita University counterparts. Mr. Adachi Takahiro, the dedicated guide responsible for overseeing the students throughout their exchange program in Japan, provided a comprehensive briefing and introduced the participants to their exciting journey. Crucial safety precautions and documentation were thoroughly explained by Adachi sensei.

The program also featured presentations by students from Akita University, who delivered detailed insights into the electrification of aircraft, a collaborative endeavor with All Nippon Airline (ANA) and IHI Corporation. The MJIIT students actively engaged in discussions with their Japanese counterparts, fostering a deeper understanding of the presented concepts.

After these invaluable sessions, the Akita reporter invited the participants to provide feedback on their experiences. Mok Wenyi, among the participants, took part in an interview session, sharing her thoughts and insights in Japanese.

To further enhance cross-cultural connections and foster friendships, all participants came together for a welcoming party hosted by Akita University, creating unforgettable moments and strengthening the bonds between the new generation of Malaysia and Japan.

In addition to the intellectual and cultural enrichment, the participants were also invited to experience traditional Japanese culture by donning “Kimono,” the iconic traditional Japanese garment. They also delved into the Japanese Tea Ceremony, known as Sado, a cherished aspect of Japanese culture that involves the ceremonial preparation and presentation of matcha, or powdered green tea.

This initiative has undoubtedly forged lasting memories and profound connections between the youth of the two nations, contributing to the continued strengthening of Malaysia-Japan relations.

The participants and lecturers of Sakura Science Program 2023 conducted at Akita University


Cultural Experience in Akita


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