April 17, 2024

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KDSE UTM and Young Scientist Pioneer Team Inspire STEM Passion in SK LKPT Pemanis 1 Students’

SEGAMAT – Kolej Datin Seri Endon and the Young Scientist Pioneer team have collaborated on a STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics) event scheduled for August 20. The event’s purpose is to promote STEM education. As part of the Aspirasi Semarak Cilik Merdeka 2023 program, it will take place at Sekolah Kebangsaan LKTP Pemanis 1, Segamat. The event has two modules, which aim to encourage young minds to explore the fascinating worlds of Kidney and Car Balloon.

The first module, “The Excretory Kidney,” focuses on the intricate workings of the human kidney. It aims to uncover the mysteries of the kidney’s functions, such as filtration, waste removal, and its critical role in maintaining bodily balance. Participants will engage in hands-on activities and experiments under the guidance of experienced mentors and educators. This approach will enhance their comprehension of the kidney’s significance in the human body. The interactive approach is designed to be both informative and inspiring, genuinely piquing the participants’ curiosity.

The second module, “Car Balloon,” aims to give a whimsical spin to engineering and physics principles. It introduces the fundamentals of air pressure and its effects on everyday objects. The highlight of this module is designing and building miniature cars powered solely by the force of air, showcasing the fun side of STEM learning.

The collaboration between Kolej Datin Seri Endon and the Young Scientist Pioneer team was established with the goal of integrating education and entertainment to stimulate an interest in STEM subjects among young learners. This approach not only enhanced the accessibility of STEM topics but also encouraged students to think creatively and innovatively, which is in line with KDSE’s area of expertise.

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