April 17, 2024

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MJIIT Hosts Successful Visit from Institute of Technology of Cambodia, Paving the Way for Collaborative University-Industry Linkages

MJIIT was thrilled to receive a visit from representatives from the Institute of Technology of Cambodia, which was technically supported by JICA MJIIT on May 16-17, 2023. The Institute of Technology of Cambodia (ITC) was represented by Dr. Bun Kim Ngun, Deputy Director of ITC; Dr. Yin Molika, Head of ITC University-Industry Linkage Office; Dr. Yos Phanny, Director of ITC Research and Innovation Center; and Ms. Miyake Chiho, Industrial Linkage/Project Coordinator.

The primary objective of the visit was to discuss future collaboration between MJIIT and ITC and explore the possibility of a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU). The delegation was warmly welcomed by Prof. Ts. Dr. Ali bin Selamat, Dean of MJIIT.

On the first day, the ITC delegation was brought to the MJIIT Main Meeting Room for a welcoming remark by the Dean, followed by a brief discussion on future collaboration. The discussion was very insightful and covered various important points, such as staff and student exchange, the possibility of future joint research, and best practices for continuous research in iKohza.

ITC team welcomed by MJIIT representative, led by Dean, Prof. Ali

The delegation also had the opportunity to visit the Analytical Lab, accompanied by Dr. Halim and Dr. Pramila, the Head of the Lab. They were introduced to the available analytical equipment and discussed the possibility of joint equipment training. Later, the delegation visited HALEA Skincare Store, located at Wangsa Maju, which is a natural skincare product based on research conducted at MJIIT. The product is produced by a spin-off company of UTM, and the founder is a senior lecturer at MJIIT.

The delegation also visited eMast iKohza, where iKohza members showcased their significant research and provided an overview of the iKohza facilities and student room. Both parties actively discussed and explored opportunities for collaboration in rubber material research.

Science Officer introduce few of the equipment to Dr Bun
eMast iKohza member with ITC delegation

On the following day, May 17th, both counterparts continued the discussion, this time emphasizing university and industry linkage matters. The discussion was led by Dr. Shahira Liza, MJIIT Sangaku Renkei Manager, and attended by Assoc. Prof. Ir. Ts. Dr. Mohd Khairi Abu Husain, Deputy Director, ICC KL. They exchanged opinions on the structure of university-industry linkage, best practices for industrial collaboration, such as collaborative research and industrial training, and gained an overview of spin-off companies.

Discussion on University-Industry Linkage’s participant

The delegation then visited ChECA iKohza for a detailed walkthrough of the iKohza room, available equipment, and an explanation of the research conducted there. They also discussed potential chemical-related collaborations between the iKohza and industry.

ChECA’s postgraduate students showing the ITC member one of the available equipment

The ITC team also had the opportunity to visit Nest Bio Venture Lab, an industry collaboration lab successfully established at MJIIT. Nest Bio Lab serves as an incubation place that brings together biotechnology startups, incubatees, educators, and Malaysian researchers.

Next, the team was taken to the ALGAE iKohza laboratory, where they received a tour of the iKohza facilities and engaged in information sharing about algae research. They also discussed potential future collaborations between both parties or with industry.

The final destination of the MJIIT laboratory tour was the Advanced Precision Laboratory. The highlight of the visit to this lab was observing their main equipment and discussing the possibility of joint equipment training. The visit concluded with an internal wrap-up session in the afternoon.

The visit of the ITC delegation to MJIIT marks a significant milestone in the journey of establishing the University-Industrial Linkage Project/Office at MJIIT. It provided a notable overview of the University-Industrial Linkage Project and how it should be carried out. Both parties were enriched with shared knowledge on research, academics, strategic management, and a shared vision for possible collaborations between them.”


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