Julai 18, 2024

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Diverse UTM Students Benefit from Mastering UTM Thesis Template Writing Workshop

JOHOR BAHRU, 27th July – An enlightening online course titled “Mastering Effective Writing: Unleashing the Potential of UTM Thesis Template” shed light on the process of creating UTM theses using LaTeX templates through LyX.

This program was organized collaboratively by four distinct PGSS entities: PGSS-FCEE, PGSS-FC, PGSS-FEE, and PGSS-FCE. The program successfully engaged 105 participants, comprising 63.8% PhD students, 25.7% Master’s students, and 4.8% undergraduates.

Distinguished speakers, Dr. Muhammad Afiq Nurudin Bin Hamzah and Dr. Mohammed Sultan bin Ahmed Mohammed, adorned with impressive academic backgrounds, spearheaded the course. LyX/LaTeX was introduced due to its advantages over MS Word, encompassing software essentials and thesis structuring.

Transitioning seamlessly, Dr. Afiq emphasized cross-referencing figures, citation management, and LyX’s fundamental features. Dr. Mohammed Sultan’s session spotlighted mathematical equation formatting and the management of floats and images using LyX.

This event successfully achieved its objectives as participants commended the organizing committee and SPS UTM’s efforts. Valuable feedback expressed satisfaction with Dr. Afiq and Dr. Mohammed Sultan’s sessions, suggesting the extension of workshops for future events.



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