Julai 16, 2024

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ELECYS Club Organized Ultimately Folded (UF’23) Program for Less Fortunate Students

22 May 2023 – Universiti Teknologi Malaysia (UTM) Kuala Lumpur hosted a community service program aimed at giving students from Jalinan Kasih Guidance School (SBJK) in Chow Kit a chance to experience the daily life of university students. SBJK students face financial hardships, do not own identity cards and lack shelter. Through various activities, this program aims to spark SBJK students’ curiosity in seeking knowledge and expose them to the realities of university life. Ultimately, the hope is that this will inspire these students to cultivate a deeper interest in learning.

Opening ceremony by Prof. Ts. Dr. Abd Latif bin Saleh (Pro Vc UTM Kuala Lumpur)

Other co-organizers who also participated in making this program a success include Pemuda GEMA Kuala Lumpur, Dental clinic UTC Dato’ Keramat, Japanese Language Committee Club UTMKL, Centre for Community and Industry Network UTMKL, Islamic Student Society UTMKL, Agensi Antidadah Kebangsaan, Joe’s Barber, Precision Mechanical Student Society (PREMECH), Chemical Process Student Society (CHEMPRO), and Software Engineering Student Society.

Dental Talk and Mobilise dental checkup by Klinik Pergigian UTC Dato’ Keramat is one initiative to help those with dental problems.
To help students keep a clean image

Activities were developed by the ELECSYS Club committee members, UTM Kuala Lumpur, who are mainly from MJIIT. The programs include Water Rocket, Konnichiwa Japan (sushi cooking class, Calligraphy, Origami), Health Slot (personal health information, dental check, haircut activities, creating self-love), sit back and relax session (watching movies together in Cinema Room KSJ).

Explorace can help students develop teamwork, problem-solving, leadership, and mental and physical fitness while promoting learning enjoyment.
After a full day of activity building the water rocket, we want the SBJK student to spend time with the secretariat.
To provide fun education to disadvantaged groups, promote environmental awareness, encourage civic values, contribute knowledge and skills, promote lifelong learning, and strengthen relationships between UTM KL students and the local community/NGOs.

In collaboration with Pusat Islam, Praying together in Surau KSJ. Islamic slot from Mahgrib prayer to Isya Prayer.


Director Program ; Umairah Azzahra Bt Zaidi

Deputy Director : Nurdayana Natasha Bt Mohd Johan


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