Mei 25, 2024

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On 12th April 2022, Persatuan Mahasiswa Sains Komputer Universiti Teknologi Malaysia (PERSAKA UTM) has successfully held a Sharing Session on Networking Synergy.

The program was held through Google Meet and was attended by a total of 70 participants.

Participants of Networking Synergy

The event was successfully held with two (2) prominent speakers: President of CyberX, Mr. Anas Roubi, and Vice President of CyberX, Mr. Saleh Mohamed.

Mr. Anas Roubi explaining PortSwigger
PicoCTF demonstration by Mr. Saleh Mohamed

The content included topics on Virtual Private Network (VPN) proxy, Wireshark, Burpsuite, World-Wide-Web, Structured Query Language Injection (SQLI), memcached injection and Kernel Exploitation. 

Closing Speech by Vice President of PERSAKA UTM

The organizer, PERSAKA UTM, hopes that this sharing can elevate School of Computing students’ skills while exposing them to new knowledge, says the Vice President of PERSAKA UTM and the officiator of the event, Mr. Mohd Idham bin Anur.

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