FSSH UTMKL Hosted a Course on Survival Tips in the Office Using Basic Japanese Communication

By: Nurfarah Athirah Abdullah Sidek and Wan Nur Asyura Wan Adnan

Kuala Lumpur, 7 September — The Language Short Courses Committee of the Faculty of Social Sciences and Humanities Kuala Lumpur (FSSH KL) has successfully hosted a free short course entitled Basic Japanese Communication: Survival Tips in the Office exclusively for UTM staff on the 18th of August 2021, from 2:30 pm to 4:30 pm using Cisco Webex as the platform. The short course was facilitated by Mr. Muhammad Al-hakim Naziruddin, a Japanese Language Teacher of FSSH KL and moderated by Mdm. Nurfarah Athirah Abdullah Sidek.

To provide exposure, knowledge and experience to participants on basic Japanese communication for survival goals in the office, participants were exposed to language nuances and basic communication skills in the office in the context of Japanese. They were also given the opportunity to practise what is learned through activities carried out as the class progressed. 

141 participants filled in and submitted the attendance in the Google Form provided. The short course was attended by both academic and non-academic staff members across UTM. All participants were awarded with a certificate for finishing the short course and also CPD points. The certificate and CPD points were awarded in order to encourage the participants to attend more short courses in the future.

The programme has reached its goal, in which participants have achieved higher self-development and cognitive ability in Japanese in the office as well as use it as a communication tool to promote foreign language harmony with individuals from different backgrounds. The main objective of this programme has also been met, which was to provide a sharing platform to participants among UTM staff in the form of providing exposure, knowledge and experience to participants on basic Japanese communication for the purpose of survival in the office. Another objective has also been fulfilled which is to attract participants to learn a foreign language. Given the positive feedback from the participants, FSSK KL will continue to organise the same programme in the future.

Photo at the end of the programme