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おはようございます Ohayougozaimasu, Assalamualaikum! On 6th March 2020, Malaysia-Japan International Institute of Technology (MJIIT) Media recorded their very first podcast show through the brand new broadcast studio. The podcast was recorded and hosted by two MJIIT students, Hisham Mohamed Ashraf Khalil, a 2nd-year student of Mechanical Precision Engineering and Mohamad Ramdzuanny Musram Rakunman, a Master of Philosophy in Chemical Engineering.

The guests for the podcast were MJIIT Japanese language lecturers, Madam Hasparina Abdul Ghafar and Ms. Riho Watanabe. The topic of the podcast was Ms. Riho Watanabe leaving on the upcoming 25th March due to the end of her teaching contract with MJIIT.

The session was very casual and fun. Ms. Riho was asked about how she has been doing in Malaysia and her experiences in teaching MJIIT students. Ms.Riho positively responded that she gained a lot of experience and good memories throughout her 2 years of teaching in MJIIT.

Ramdzuanny had a chance to ask about Ms. Riho’s knowledge of Bahasa Melayu, and she then stated that Japan International Cooperation (JICA) had provided Bahasa Melayu class for her before she came to Malaysia and she even counted 1 to 10 in Bahasa Melayu.

Madam Hasparina also shared a history of Japanese Language and Cultural Centre (JLCC) and some tips on how to learn the Japanese language. It was a great session between MJIIT Media and both of the lecturers.

As an addition, MJIIT Media Broadcast Studio had just recently been completed with its full set of broadcast equipment. The purpose of this broadcast studio is to allow the students and staff to share input and output information at the same time to look for a good hosting talent among them.

The podcast will be airing as soon as MJIIT Media completed five of its shows. Students and staff are welcome to join the team by contacting Dr. Rahayu. More topics will be discussed and guests will be invited.

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