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UHAKS 1032 (Introduction Entrepreneurship Section 12) n to

Sustainable Entrepreneurs Mindset Showcase (SEMS 2.0)

UTM-EXCITE organised SEMS 2.0 on the 3rd of December 2019. The purpose of this program was to embed the innovation and entrepreneurship culture among the students. This approach will provide an excellent opportunity for students to showcase their innovative ideas in solving the current issues stated in the sustainable development goals.
There were 72 groups with 417 participants from selected sections of Introduction to Entrepreneurship (UHAK1032) that had competed in the event. Biosciences won Climate Action and Zero Hunger themes categories respectively, with a project title `Scool Cool` and `Toast for life`. There were six students (Desmond Tan Zhen Yang, Lim Meng Kei, Kwek Wei Bin, Ch`ng Han Sheng, Fua Yung Yung and Sharifah Humairah binti Syed Amin) in the`Scool Cool` project. Another project, `Toast for life` also involved six students (Desi Rahma Savira, Eric Ng Zhen Xiang, Lai Su Man, Low Wen Yen, Nur Iwani Nasuha Akiko binti Ahmas Daud, Nurazian binti Mohd Ali) and both groups were supervised by Dr. Razauden Mohamed Zulkifli.
From this showcase, the ‘School Cool’ team gained critical thinking from various aspects such as functionality, sustainability and cost-effectiveness that need to be considered in developing their prototype. The students were equipped with fundamental knowledge in setting up a Business Canvas Model (BMC), which eased them to initiate their own business in the future. Along the process, the students also came across  some circumstances, especially in generating new and innovative ideas in their project. Concisely, it was an excellent exposure for all of them.
For the `Toast for life` team project, the idea started when they realised there was no breakfast provided by the Arked (canteen) during the weekends. This had caused the students to skip their breakfast, hence lessening their motivation to start a productive weekend. For this reason, they aim to provide affordable, healthy and nutritious toast to the community, made from fresh and healthy ingredients with delivery-free services. Their group was listed as Top 10 finalist and became the Category Winner.
The showcase has highlighted the fact that when aligning teaching with Dasar Keusahawanan Negara 2030 (DKN2030), the embedded Intrapreneurial and Entrepreneurship culture among the younger communities in the curriculum would be able to propel the economic growth of the country.

By Razauden Mohamed Zulkifli
Siti Pauliena Mohd Bohari



Toast for life TeamUHAKS 1032 (Introduction Entrepreneurship Section 12) n to

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