Julai 20, 2024

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Celebrating Patriotism in an English Language Camp

Kolej Tun Razak extended the support to an English language camp organized by Sek Men Keb Bukit Batu Kulai and Sek Men Kelapa Sawit Kulai from 26th to 27th July 2019 for more than 80 secondary school students. This community service project was a success with a variety of fun and games with Patriotism as the theme of the camp.  “Cherishing our Legacy by Celebrating the Patriotism in You”: The aim of the program was to enhance the students’ talents and potentials through different activities such as a career talk, time capsule activity, charade, Pictionary, running dictation, English night and Explorace.

The 2 days camp was launched by Captain Cyrano Latif who later gave a short talk on the importance of understanding Aviation English. SMK Bukit Batu school principal, Mohd Nor Azam Shuib was very supportive throughout the program.

The English camp began with an ice-breaking session where students were teamed up and showcased their teams through a group logo and cheer.  It ended with an Explorace, where the teams raced to complete puzzles given. Apart from practising English outside the classrooms,  this English camp improved the students’ presentation skills, unleashed their hidden talents on stage and most importantly inculcated patriotic values and the love for the country.



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