Mei 19, 2024

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UTM Forensic Student attachment at Medicine Forensics Department, Hospital Sultanah Aminah, Johor

Four master students of Forensic Science program, Faculty of Science had successfully attended a short attachment with Forensic Medicine Department, Hospital Sultanah Aminah (HSA), Johor Bahru. The four-day attachment was part of the requirements in Biological Aspects of Forensic Science course. Students were advised by Dr. Mohamad Aznool Haidy Ahsorori, a forensic pathologist at HSA. During the attachment, students were able to experience hands-on protocol for dead body autopsy examination, cause of death determination, and sample collection procedure for analysis. Dr Aznool was very helpful and informative in giving real life experience as a pathologist to the students. He also gave a lecture on Pathology topic as part of the course. There were also discussions based on the previous autopsy cases.
In addition, students were given mini assignments in entomology, that is to study fly infestation in chicken meat exposed at different conditions: under the sun, shaded ground, covered and buried, and burnt samples. Observation from the students were shared and discussed among the staff at Medical Forensic Department and UTM forensic lecturers. On the final day, Dr Naji Arafat Mahat as the Forensic Program Coordinator gave a token of appreciation to Dr Aznool for his guidance to the students during the attachment. The short attachment has given a very good experience to the students to help them understand the autopsy process and pathology discipline better .

Reported by Dr. Hasmerya Maarof & Dr. Naji Arafat Mahat

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