Yayasan UTM: Transform Vision into Reality

September 2018 marked a history for Yayasan Universiti Teknologi Malaysia (UTM) when its financially supported student has graduated with a Double Degree from UTM-Kent program.

The Double Degree program is hosted by UTM and the University of Kent where it allows students to obtain UTM’s B.Sc in Industrial Mathematics and University of Kent’s B.Sc Actuarial Science.

Foo during his graduation in Kent University

Foo Weoi Ming from the Faculty of Science became the first UTM-Kent Double Degree program graduate after undergoing partial studies in UTM and Kent University.

Yayasan UTM provides financial support to students based on three main criteria to be an actuary which are to have strong knowledge in specialized mathematics, self-motivation and passion.

Based on these skills and characteristics,  Foo has been selected by Yayasan UTM.

With the financial aid provided by Yayasan UTM, students are able to expose themselves to cross-cultural experiences between two countries, enhancing the students’ employment prospects and fostering closer links between their academic communities for mutual benefits.

Foo said that, “Actuary main role is to evaluate and optimise the risk in order to create a safer working environment. Therefore, by being an Actuary, I believe that I could contribute more to the society by making the world more quantifiable, measurable and explainable. I would like to gratefully acknowledge Yayasan UTM for allowing me to achieve this dream.