UTM Green DNA Members joined International Seminar on Resource Recycling (iSSRR) in Shanghai


July 2018. The 1st International Seminar on Sustainability & Resource Recycling (iSSRR) was successfully held in Shanghai Jiao Tong University, China on 2-5 July 2018. The event was jointly organized by the Faculty of Chemical & Energy Engineering (FCEE), Universiti Teknologi Malaysia (UTM) and School of Environment Science & Engineering (SESE), Shanghai Jiao Tong University (SJTU). iSSRR aims to promote knowledge exchange and strengthen the research collaboration in the research field relevant to sustainable development.

UTM delegation comprised of 18 UTM students and 4 staff from FCEE joined the 1st iSSRR, together with 22 students and 8 staff from SESE, SJTU. UTM delegation was led by Prof. Mat Uzir, Deputy Dean of FCEE, and Assoc. Prof. Dr. Lee Chew Tin. Four local authorities officers from Kulai Municipal Council and Johor State Government also joined this event.

Assoc. Prof Shoaling Ji, Secretary of CPC SESE Committee in his opening speech stated that this program signified another milestone between both universities following the signing of a bilateral agreement in 2017. He believed that this program would strengthen future research collaboration and academic exchange between both universities.

Assoc. Prof Shoaling Ji, Secretary of CPC SESE Committee delivered the opening speech during the 1st iSSRR.

Ms. Guo Liang, the Deputy Director from the International Affairs Division of SJTU, said that SJTU is a comprehensive university with renowned global reputation. SJTU has established strong partnerships with top universities around the world. She wished for the on-going cooperation in the field of sustainable development between both universities.

Prof. Mat Uzir from UTM thanked SJTU for their hospitality and successful organisation. He was happy for the fruitful discussion  and learning experiences through multicultural immersion among the participating students. He cordially invited SJTU students and staffs to participate in the next iSSRR to be held in UTM campus next year.

Opening Speech by Prof. Mat Uzir, the Deputy Dean of the Faculty of Chemical & Energy Engineering.

Assoc. Prof. Dr Lee Chew Tin, the founder and key advisor of UTM Green DNA club, introduced the goals and the itinerary of the 1st iSSRR. The event was initiated by a group of students under UTM Green DNA student society. iSSRR serves as the platform to groom green champions in various aspects and emphasises on social engagement and training for waste recycling and minimisation, and environmental protection. (More info at FB: UTM Green DNA)

In the week-long program, the participants visited the key labs and several factories for resources recycling in Shanghai.

Advanced environmental engineering laboratory and modern agricultural facilities in SJTU, guided by Prof Chunjie Li, SJTU.

The students from both universities discussed and presented on a range of topics relevant to resources recycling and sustainable development.

Eco-Environmental Protection Research Institute cum Shanghai Engineering Research Center of Low-carbon Agriculture at the Shanghai Academy of Agricultural Sciences (SAAS) (Note: intensive research work on drought-resistant paddy varieties and mitigation of greenhouse gas in the paddy field).



Briefing at WenXin Biotechnique Co., a company that operates an industrial-scale food-waste composting (200 t/d; 1000 t/d in 2019), a collaboration model between local authorities and a private company towards zero-waste society.


CN-NL Waste Solution Co. Ltd, a company specialises in municipal waste transfer stations.


SJTU and UTM Green DNA students presented on a range of topics relevant to sustainable development and resources recycling, including on Campus Sustainability, Food Waste Recycling at industry-scale and in the community, nutrient recycling via urban farming and aquaponics, and e-waste recycling.



Mr. Chen Zhe, the Deputy Secretary of CPC SESE Committee of SJTU, in his Closing Remarks acknowledged the successful organisation of the 1st iSSRR and announced that the school will work for the best to send their students to the next iSSRR in UTM next year.

1. Kulai Municipal Council
2. Ergo Global Environment, Waste Solution, A member of CN-HL Waste Solution Co. Ltd.
3. School of Environmental Science & Engineering, SJTU

4. Faculty  of Chemical & Energy Engineering, UTM
5. SJTU International Office
6. UTM International
7. UTM Office of Student Affairs



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