November 30, 2023

UTM and Qatar University Establish Collaboration in Research


A group of UTM researchers visited Qatar University to propose a number of high impact research

proposals to the academics of Qatar University for joint submission to the Qatar National Research



The UTM delegation, led by Vice Chancellor/President Zaini Ujang comprised 8 UTM researchers

including Prof Dr Ismail Said, Prof Dr Azman, Prof Dr Zulkifli Yusop, Prof Dr Esah, Prof Dr Norsheila, Prof

Dr Naomi , Prof Dr Awaluddin and Prof Dr Zainuddin.


The team paid a courtesy call to the President of Qatar University, Sheikha Abdalla al Misnad earlier

in the visit on the 8 May. This was followed by a research workshop chaired by Dr Hassan Al-Derham,

Qatar University Vice President for Research, in which each UTM delegate presented research proposals

to the Qatar counterparts.


The UTM Water Research Alliance(RA) under Prof Zulkifli presented two proposals on the Development

of Qatar’s synergistic framework on climate change mitigation and adaptation strategies, and another

on Development of mixed metal oxide electrodes for the treatment of new emerging pollutant in clinical

waste. Discussions with the industries and fellow academicians on water and wastewater research in

Qatar were also held.


The Water RA also agreed to partner with researchers from Qatar University to submit proposals on

the following areas namely Green House Gas Inventory and strategy to improve Qatar’s position in global

carbon foot-print (to be submitted to the Department of environment, Qatar) and Water and waste

water minimization or zero discharge for selected industries (to be submitted to QNRF)


The workshop was well attended by the academic staff of Qatar University drawn by the proposed titles

and areas for possible research collaborations between both universities.


It is worth noting that several proposals had already been discussed prior to the trip between potential

partners from both parties. Detailed discussions and further deliberations were held following the



Also present were other senior Qatar University graduates including the Head of Materials and

Technology Unit, Dr Mariam Al-Maadeed who participated actively in the seminar. There was a further

visit and round of discussions the following day in which the UTM group met with potential partners.


Another workshop was also organised by the Engineering Department in which UTM researchers

listened to a briefing by a representative of the Qatar National Research Foundation. Prof Ahmad Zaki

Abu Bakar, a UTM lecturer currently attached to the School of Engineering in Qatar University for a year

helped with the logistics and organisation of the visit.


The visit to Qatar marks a significant milestone in the UTM-Qatar University relationship in terms

of academic and research collaboration. The visit was a success as the objectives set out were met

which further improves bilateral engagements between both universities and further enhancing UTM’s

international standing as an innovation-led and entrepreneurial research university.


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