September 22, 2023


JOHOR BAHRU, 31 July 2013: Through its consistent effort in accelerating the innovation development and expediting product commercialization, UTM has until now filed almost 3000 products in various patent categories. This year alone, UTM has a total of 74 products for commercialization with an expected income of almost RM12 million in return.

As the leading IP producer which has consecutively won various categories of  IP awards each year introduced since 2006, UTM is also proud to dominate the first top three positions for the Copyright and top position for the patent category during the Nation’s IP award competition this year.

Among the significant UTM products recognised by the nation are the instrument to overcome social problems by Dr. Faizah Abd. Ghani, property valuation software by Assoc. Prof. Dr. Buang Alias, SMS-parkir system by Assoc. Prof. Dr. Sevia Mahdaliza Idrus and also Smart Membrane for CO2 Removal by Prof. Dr. Ahmad Fauzi Ismail, who is also the recipient for the National Academician Award for Innovation.

Commercialised products include various herbal health and cosmaceutical products by the IBD, wireless access system, edible bird nest based products, ERCAD engineering software, online resources for learning English, laboratory information management system and the Tajma Personality Profiling kit.

UTM has also established 17 spin off companies, amongst which are  PhytoBiznet which offers herbal and health-based cosmaceutical and neutraceutical products, Fastrac Construction and Smart IBS offering best, fast and cost effective construction technology, WCC Telco with portable broadband wireless access system and Photolaser Grammetry which provides the latest 3D surveillance camera for various purposes.

Through UTM’s extensive networking with various national and international agencies such as the AgensiInovasi Malaysia, Malaysian Biotechcorp, Malaysian Technology Development Corporation, MOSTI and many others, we have also successfully commercialised 18 technologies via technology licensing to the external companies, in addition to 122 research products commercialised.

In addition, UTM’s state of the art technologies have undeniably attracted a number of external agencies and industries to work with us to further develop and commercialise UTM technologies.

For instance, the Malaysian Palm Oil Board has collaborated with UTM to produce the B10 Emulsified Biodiesel for green transportation use, the Malaysian Pineapple Industry Board has also utilized UTM’s bio-fiber technology that turns various bio wastes like pineapple leaves into daily product use whereas Panasonic Engineering Malaysia, General Electric Malaysia and Tan Chong Malaysia also supported the development of UTM’s Malaysia Electric Vehicle Charger (MyEV) for a cleaner transportation infrastructure.

A recent interesting product developed by CAIRO UTM that will hit the Muslim worldwide market soon is the Syariah Compliant Automated Chicken Processing System where the highly sophisticated system is able to ensure and provide consistent halal-authenticated, high-quality and premium chicken supply without doubt to all the Muslim community where the process is monitored at each stage to ensure its halal quality.

UTM via its spin off company, HQ Nutra has also struck fruitful collaboration with Malayan Flour Mills Berhad to produce ‘Hybrid Flour’with dietary fiber to help reduce the risk of colon cancer, haemorrhoids and diabetes. Another novel product called IMBAS Verify Halal will greatly help Muslim consumers to ensure their halal consumption where the mobile verify halal scanner is able to identify and distinguish fake and original halal status label.

Consumers will also get complete information on the product’s expiry date, halal certification authenticity and the product’s original producer/company. Sono Engineering, another spin off company of UTM-MTDC will also market ready manufactured sonoimprometers which will be used as the enhancement device for the existing ultrasound machine that can calibrate the ultrasound machine into itsoriginal status of parameter.

This local ultrasound medical equipment also comes with a complete training and consultation service package for the customers where they will be further educated on the means to handle sonoimprometer properly for a longer lasting and more efficient usage.

Automated Guided Vehicle System (AGV) is another example of UTM’s best technology invented. Dr Yeong Che Fai has set up a Spin-off company which designs, manufactures, markets and maintains AGV for various kinds of industrial and commercial use.

AGV can be used to transport many different types of materials in manufacturing, chemical, automotive, warehousing and food amp; beverage industries. AGV brings various benefits to the industry such as reducing high labour reliance and increasing workload efficiency without additional cost.

Another UTM product that would benefit the community as a whole is SMSParkir, a parking payment system utilizing SMS which is integrated with android enforcement interface facility for easy monitoring and data service.

This innovative product which has already attracted Mesiniaga’s interest for commercialization brings three key benefits; first, parking payment made easy to the public, secondly, increasing the revenue for both city councils and concessionaires through an improved parking data management and monitoring system, and finally supporting national green initiative through electronics parking payment and enforcement.

This product would also significantly reduce the operating cost where it uses less manpower, boasting collection efficiency where the parking payment is charged directly to customers’ mobile credits.

UTM thus boasts a huge number of potential technologies to be commercialised and we gladly welcome any companies or inventors interested to utilize our technology and further collaborate for a win-win commercialisation purposes.  More information on the technologies is  available at UTM ICC’s website –

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