Department: UTM Library

UTM Library Develops Covid-19 Information Platform

UTM Library has taken the initiative to combat misinformation on the disease by creating a platform in the form of a website which includes selected resources on latest events, news and developments on COVID-19 in Malaysia

Girl Guides UTM Successfully Heighten Awareness on Image Myth among Brownies

This program was carried out last week and focus on increasing awareness on image myth and beauty standard. Officiated by Chief Librarian, this program is a collaboration effort between Girl guide UTM, Library UTM, Girl Guide Association Malaysia District Johor Bahru and Pasir Gudang. 70 Brownies members join this program and 32 Girl Guide members were the facilitators.

UTM Library’s Information Searching Skills Programme with Kolej Vokasional Perdagangan, Johor Bahru

UTM Library hosted an information searching skills programme with Kolej Vokasional Perdagangan, Johor Bahru from 4th until 11th July 2019. The programme offered instruction in information searching skills for 135 diploma students of various courses to proactively answer their questions and connect them with the resources they need to complete their final year project.