Department: School of Biomedical Engineering & Health Sciences

Volunteer Abroad with AIESEC

Global Volunteer Program:

What is Global Volunteer?

Global Volunteer is AIESEC’s 6 to 8 weeks cross-cultural volunteer experience for young people who seek to develop themselves and the world. Discover the art of experiential wanderlust by working with NGOs or on projects directly contributing to the Sustainable Development Goals. 

Global Volunteer is an intensive international volunteer abroad experience that enables you to work on projects that impact social issues. Through this we empower communities by developing the people and enabling them to develop a more sustainable and healthy future.

Overall, through this program, AIESEC is providing young students an opportunity to develop entrepreneurial and leadership skills through international internships mainly on social issues which will help them enrich their education, challenge their worldview and help them gain a unique combination of multi cultural, social and entrepre- neurial experience during the formative years of their lives.


3rd International SME Conference 1st and 2nd SME Conferences were held in collaboration with local and international partners in May 2016 and March 2017 at Lahore, Pakistan. A diverse set of stakeholders participated in the conferences. Building upon the momentum created by the former conferences, the 3rd International SME Conference will be organized in April …