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Global recognition for UTM lecturers at the Asian CHI Symposium, ACM SIGCHI Conference, Glasgow

Two UTM lecturers were selected to present their research work at the Asian Computer Human Interaction (CHI) Symposium 2019, and received the SIGCHI 2019 Asian Development Travel Grant. This symposium is part of the ACM SIGCHI Conference on Human Factors in Computing Systems – the premier international conference of Human-Computer Interaction.

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Champions of Malaya Makerthon 2019 – the team from School of Electrical Engineering did it again.

In the Malaya Makerthon 2019 competition, a team from the School of Electrical Engineering, UTM has successfully managed to get “The Championship Award in Malaya Makerthon 2019”, along with “The Most Hardworking Team Award” and “BOSCH Best Video Presentation Award”.

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Community-Based Disaster Risk Management (CBDRM) Program in Kundang, Selangor

UTM’s commitment to support public-private-academic-civil society (PPACP) partnership for strengthening disaster resilience. We co-implemented evidence-based local actions, advocacy campaigns at the local level and in developing partnerships and coalitions for resilience.

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UTM Develops High-Precision Foreign Object Debris Detection Systems to Strengthen Operational Safety in KLIA

Engineering experts led by Prof. Dr. Sevia Mahdaliza Idrus has successfully conducted the field trial of High-Precision Foreign Object Debris Detection Systems (FODDS) to strengthen the operational safety in KLIA

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UTM Bangunkan Komuniti Pulau Tanjung Surat Melalui Pendekatan SULAM

UTM melalui kepakaran penyelidikan dan semangat ‘Universiti untuk Masyarakat’ telah menterjemahkan SULAM dengan melaksanakan projek Pembangunan Komuniti, Eko Warisan Pelancongan Pulau Tanjung Surat

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UTM Delegation Visited Taiwanese Universities and Research Institute

UTM researchers have recently participated in the study and networking visit to several institutions in Taiwan from 21-22 March 2019. This include the National Tsing Hua University (NTHU) and Industrial Technology and Research Institute (ITRI) campuses in Hsinchu City, and the National Central University in Taoyuan City. UTM delegation was represented by Prof. Dr. Zulkifli Yusop, Prof. Dr. Azmi Aris, Prof. Sr. Dr. Mazlan Hashim, Prof. Dr. Fadhilah Yusof, and Dr. Mohd Firdaus Abdul Wahab.

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STEM Education at Pre-School Level for Children at a Rural School in Johor

STREAM Fun Learning Toy Library is unique and is first of its kind STEM education concept for pre-school education in addressing STEM education global issues by inculcating STEM interest in children at a very young age.

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Western Pacific (WESTPAC) – Ocean Remote Sensing Project (ORSP) for Coastal Habitat Mapping Workshop

Western Pacific (WESTPAC) – Ocean Remote Sensing Project (ORSP) for Coastal Habitat Mapping Workshop aimed  at providing  the opportunity for researchers to conserve coastal habitats by using  remote sensing in order to map the spatiotemporal distribution of coastal habitats, with an initial focus on sea-grass beds.

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