May 18, 2024

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Exploring the Frontier of Artificial Intelligence: Mr Zack Kass

Kuala Lumpur – 8 and 9 March 2024 -A cutting-edge sharing session with Mr. Zack Kass on exploring the frontier of artificial intelligence (AI) has been conducted at Bilik Ilmuan 1, Universiti Teknologi Malaysia (UTM), Kuala Lumpur, on the 8th and 9th of March 2024. Hosted over two consecutive days, this event brought together AI leading experts, enthusiasts, and curious minds alike, fostering a dynamic sharing session on ideas and insights at the forefront of AI innovation especially in universities.  From the bustling corridors to the engaging sessions, participants delved into the myriad applications, implications, and ethical considerations surrounding AI technologies. Four sessions have been held for this event, which include:

Session 1: Premier Lecture: Malaysia’s AI Frontier and our Future of the World and Humanity

The first session features a premier lecture delivered by Mr. Zack Kass, with distinguished attendees including honorable guests from the Ministry of Higher Education (MOHE), the Director General of Higher Education, YBrs. Prof. Dr. Azlinda binti Azman, members of the UTM Board of Directors, as well as academics and experts from UTM. The event commenced with a welcoming address by Prof. Ir. Ts. Dr. Mohd Fauzi Ismail, Vice Chancellor of UTM, who emphasized the establishment of the Faculty of Artificial Intelligence (FAI) at UTM. Mr. Zack Kass commenced the lecture by showcasing a video illustrating the application of AI in today’s world. He underscored the transformative potential of AI, emphasizing its capacity to reshape our global landscape. Furthermore, he emphasized that as a developing nation, Malaysia must leverage existing AI technologies in the market to effectively adapt to the future landscape driven by AI. He also has highlighted the potential for Malaysia to evolve into a highly developed nation by embracing Adaptive Generative Intelligence (AGI). This entails enhancing the adaptability and creativity of AI systems, thereby bringing them closer to achieving human-like capabilities. When questioned about whether AI can replace humans, Mr. Zack Kass responded that AI will not replace humans entirely; instead, it serves more as a complement, allowing humans to focus on other tasks while AI handles repetitive or time-consuming processes. Mr. Zack emphasized the potential risk posed by AI, likening it to a scenario reminiscent of “Idiocracy,” where society risks surrendering its cognitive autonomy to AI technologies that may lead to a decline in societal intelligence, resulting in various absurdities and challenges. Risks such as job displacement, widespread misinformation and existentialism may emerge as consequences of AI technology utilization.



Session 1 – Mr. Zack Kass with UTM Staff.

Session 2: AI Empowering Academia and Research

The second session featured academic participation, with 100 scholars from UTM in attendance. Mr. Zack Kass underscores the pivotal role of AI for education in skill enhancement. He advocates for educators to counsel students on leveraging AI technology to bolster their proficiency across various subjects. Furthermore, he continually advocates for the utilization of ChatGPT as a valuable tool for enhancing AI solutions. Additionally, teachers can harness AI technology to enhance curriculum delivery. Mr. Zack emphasized the utilization of cutting-edge technologies such as Bard, Midjourney, Stability AI, DALL·E, Google AI, Bloom AI, and ANTRHOPIC to minimize the reliance on manual input across functions like customer service and language translation. This adoption enables organizations especially in universities to streamline operations, enhance efficiency, foster innovation, and provide enhanced user experiences.


Session 2- Mr Zack Kass with UTM Academician.

Session 3: AI Empowering SMEs

In attendance at the session were 110 representatives from various Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs), including several delegates from the Multimedia Corporation (MDEC). During the session, Mr. Zack Kass underscored the transformative potential of AI technologies in optimizing business operations and enhancing efficiency. With SMEs comprising approximately 60% of businesses in Malaysia, Mr. Zack Kass specifically targeted this demographic, recognizing the immense opportunity for growth through the integration of AI technologies. Furthermore, given Malaysia’s increasing acceptance of digital currencies, the adoption of AI technologies is facilitated, thereby positioning Malaysia as more receptive to embracing these advancements.


Session 3- Mr Zack Kass with SMEs Representative.

Session 4: AI Graduate Entrepreneurship Mastery 2024

In this session, approximately 120 students from diverse academic backgrounds, including bachelor’s degrees, diplomas, and doctorates, participated. Mr. Zack Kass introduced the students to AGI and its implementation in their life as students. The session was engaging, with students posing various questions in AI. They were eager to comprehend how AI technology would influence the future of education and the world within 10 years.  The students are also interested in understanding the extent to which AI technology can advance to its full potential. They raised concerns regarding privacy and security, seeking clarity on how these issues will be addressed.


Session 4 – Mr. Zack Kass with UTM Students

In conclusion, this sharing session has served as a promising platform for academics, industry professionals, and students to explore the applications of AI within their respective fields. It has contributed to raising awareness about the adoption of AI and its transformative potential for the future, as highlighted by Mr. Zack’s mention of achieving AGI by 2030.

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