April 16, 2024

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Geoinformation Healing Uznir Ujang

Geoinformation Healing 2024 – An Innovative Strategic Workshop

Geoinformation Healing
Geoinformation Healing 2024

KOTA TINGGI, 4th Mar. – The Geoinformation Department of Faculty of Built Environment and Surveying (FABU), Universiti Teknologi Malaysia (UTM) convened a groundbreaking strategic planning workshop titled “Geoinformation Healing 2024” at the scenic Lotus Desaru Beach and Spa Resort in Johor from February 29th to March 2nd, 2024. This event marked a pivotal moment for the department as it embarked on a journey to redefine its strategic direction.

Geoinformation Director - Dr. Othman Zainon
Geoinformation Director – Dr. Othman Zainon

Departing from traditional methodologies, the workshop introduced the integration of ISES framework, a core principle of UTM, as the guiding beacon for strategic planning. The innovative approach aimed to infuse sustainability into every aspect of the department’s operations.

Central to the workshop’s structure were small taskforces, each dedicated to a specific area critical to the department’s growth and sustainability. These taskforces included governance, financial sustainability, undergraduate academics, postgraduate academics, student development, and staff development.

Heading the governance taskforce was Professor Sr. Dr. Mohd Razali Mahmud, a respected figure in the field. His team’s primary objective was to scrutinize and potentially enhance the department’s existing governance structures. The focus lay on devising Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) grounded in sustainability principles to ensure the department’s longevity and effectiveness.

Associate Professor Dr. Abdullah Hisam Omar spearheaded the financial sustainability taskforce, entrusted with exploring diverse revenue streams and investment opportunities to bolster the department’s financial resilience in an ever-changing economic landscape.

Taskforce Postgraduate
Postgraduate Taskforce

The undergraduate and postgraduate academic taskforces, led by Dr. Nor Suhaibah Azri (Geoinformatics/GIS), Dr. Wan Anom Wan Aris (Geomatics/Land Survey) and Professor Kasturi Devi Kanniah (postgraduate), undertook a comprehensive review of existing academic programs. Their aim was to identify strengths, address weaknesses, and devise strategies to elevate the visibility and quality of these programs on the international stage.

Taskforce Staff Development
Staff Development Taskforce

Simultaneously, the student development and staff development taskforces, helmed by Associate Professor Dr. Nurul Hazrina Idris and Professor Anuar Ahmad respectively, focused on nurturing the department’s human capital. Their efforts encompassed empowering student societies (PEMETA & Geoinfo), implementing succession plans, and enhancing staff management practices to foster a culture of continuous growth and development.

At the helm of the Geoinformation Healing initiative stood Associate Professor Ts. Gs. Sr Dr. Muhamad Uznir Ujang as the program director, committed to steering the department towards excellence. Assisting him were a dedicated team of professionals, including Sr Dr. Muhammad Hafiz Mohd. Yatim (Secretary), Dr. Aimi Musa (Treasury), Dr. Suzanna Noor Azmy (Logistics), Dr. Norhadija Darwin (Sponsorship), Dr. Mohammad Hanif Hamden (Program Development), and Dr. Kelvin Tang Kang Wee (Technical). The workshop’s moderator was Dr. Azman Ariffin.

The Geoinformation Department, boasting a talented pool of 39 academic staff members, oversees a diverse portfolio comprising two undergraduate programs, three master’s programs, and over eight postgraduate research programs (MPhil and PhD).

As the workshop drew to a close, participants departed with a renewed sense of purpose and determination. The outcomes of Geoinformation Healing 2024 are poised to propel the department towards a future characterized by sustainability, innovation, and global prominence.

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