April 16, 2024

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1st BIMRG Colloquium: Young Researchers Ignite Innovations

JOHOR BAHRU, 21st Feb. – The Building Information Modelling Research Group (BIMRG) organized the 1st BIMRG Postgraduate Colloquium on February 21, 2024. Despite the digital landscape, the one-day colloquium took place virtually via the Webex online platform, bringing together 62 participants from various academic institutions and professional backgrounds. The participants hailed from Universiti Teknologi MARA (UiTM) Shah Alam, UiTM Seri Iskandar, UiTM Sarawak, University of Reading, Institut Sultan Iskandar, Jabatan Pembangunan Kemahiran (JPK) Petra and Universiti Teknologi Malaysia (UTM), transcending geographical barriers.

The colloquium, under the theme ‘Revolutionizing Construction Practice through Innovation and Transformation’, provided a platform for scholars and practitioners to discuss the latest technological advancements and transformative strategies that are reshaping the construction industry. The event started with an energizing speech from the Dean of the Faculty of Built Environment and Surveying (FABU), Prof. Sr. Dr. Kherun Nita binti Ali, which set the tone for a thought-provoking discussion. Following this were keynote presentations featuring two eminent BIMRG members, Sr. Dr. Shamsulhadi bin Bandi and Ts. Dr. Nurshikin Mohamad Shukery, whose knowledge shed light on the road to innovation and excellence in construction research.

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Sr. Dr. Shamsulhadi bin Bandi is delivering his keynote with the title ‘Innovative and Impactful: Exploring Radical Thought on Technologies in Research.’

During the event, Sr. Dr. Shamsulhadi bin Bandi delivered a captivating keynote speech titled ‘Innovative and Impactful: Exploring Radical Thought on Technologies in Research’. He talked about the potential of emerging technologies to bring about transformative changes and urged researchers to embrace radical ideas to drive meaningful change in the construction landscape.

Additionally, Ts Dr. Nurshikin Mohamad Shukery delivered a keynote address titled ‘Empowering Project Success through Advanced Planning, Project Controls and Artificial Intelligence’. In her speech, she emphasized the pivotal role of advanced planning methodologies and artificial intelligence in enhancing project outcomes. She stressed the importance of harnessing technology-driven solutions to optimize project performance and mitigate risks.

The colloquium proceeded with presentations from young researchers at BIMRG, which were divided into four thematic sessions. These sessions covered the following themes: Innovative Applications of BIM in Construction, Digital Transformation in Construction Practices, Harnessing Digital Tools for Construction Innovation, and Advancing Construction Practices and Management Strategies. All the sessions were moderated and panelled by esteemed BIMRG members, which further enriched the exchange of knowledge and insights among the participants.

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Closing ceremony by the Head of BIMRG, Ts Dr. Nafisah binti Abdul Rahiman

The closing ceremony was the highlight of a day filled with engaging discussions and thought-provoking presentations. Ts. Dr. Nafisah binti Abdul Rahiman, the Head of BIMRG, took the stage to announce the best presenters for each session. Lai Ke En, Mohd Haykal Adli bin Abdul Rahman, and Aimi Aqilah binti Muhammad Azhar were honored as the best presenters of the day.

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A group photo session with all the colloquium presenters.

As the colloquium came to an end, attendees left with new knowledge, inspiration, and a stronger commitment to promoting innovation and excellence in the field of construction research and practice. This first-of-its-kind event not only represents a significant moment in the journey of BIMRG but also marks a significant step forward in the pursuit of excellence and innovation in the realm of construction research and practice.

By: Dr. Naqiyatul Amirah Mohd Said

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