April 20, 2024

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JOHOR BAHRU, 13th Jan. – Persatuan Mahasiswa Sains Komputer (PERSAKA) from the Faculty of Computing successfully conducted an entrepreneurship program called “START UP 2024”.

The program took place at the Smart Classroom, N28A, Faculty of Computing and was attended by a total of 45 individuals, including participants, staff, and VIPs. This program was organized as part of the initiative to achieve Sustainable Development Goals (SDG) 8 and 9.

The primary objective of this program was to provide Universiti Teknologi Malaysia (UTM) students with comprehensive insights into the world of entrepreneurship in the IT sector, aiming to boost their confidence in pitching and preparing them to create startup companies in the future. Additionally, the program sought to equip students with a better understanding of starting up a company by engaging judges who provided feedback and posed questions simulating real-world scenarios.

Pitching session by participants.

The Faculty of Computing is thrilled to conduct the “START UP 2024” program, gathering students, staff, and qualified outsiders to make this entrepreneurship endeavor a success. This startup pitching event aims to develop pitching and communication skills among students, giving them a head start in the IT sector.

The program commenced with an opening ceremony following student registration. The opening ceremony featured opening remarks, a Du’a recitation, and an introduction of the program to the judges and participants.

Following the prelude to the student pitching ceremony, participants transitioned to the student pitching session. Students were required to pitch their application projects as part of their course assessment to the judges for evaluation. Each group had 5 minutes to pitch their product, presenting in turn according to their group assignment.

Participants are questioned by the judges.

Each group is then questioned by the jury about their application in a 5-minute Q&A session. They are asked a variety of questions regarding the overall structure of their application, the goals behind its development, the costs associated with its creation, and many more. The questions posed by the jury provide crucial insights to students about the types of inquiries they may encounter in the industry, helping to prepare them with confidence to face such scenarios.

Judges giving comments to all groups.

Mr. Ridzwan Azhar, a renowned project executive at Cool Code Sdn. Bhd., offered comments on each group’s project and expressed his appreciation to every participant. He shared his opinions and preferences regarding each group’s application, highlighting aspects he liked and areas for improvement. Additionally, he provided constructive feedback and suggested ways for each group to enhance their application projects for better performance in the future.

Group “Git Good” got first place.


All the teams in this event performed admirably, but the group that stands out the most is “Git Good.” They secured first place in this program and were rewarded with a cash prize of RM500.00 for their hard work and dedication. Their application stood out as the best among all the participating groups, boasting a well-designed interface and efficient backend operations. Their application demonstrated clear objectives and featured numerous interesting functionalities that set it apart from the rest.

The judges and observers were then honored with gifts from the Faculty of Computing during a prize-giving session, serving as a token of appreciation for their attendance at the event and for sharing their insights and skills with the participants.


Photo Session of Start Up 2024.

The Faculty of Computing is pleased to witness the ongoing improvements and achievements among its students. The faculty aims to nurture holistic individuals who embody excellence, innovation, and outstanding characteristics. It is our hope that these qualities will contribute to positive changes, particularly within the IT sector, as students continue to strive for success and make meaningful contributions to our future.


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